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The Past

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The Past
Post # 1
Do you ever think back into the past and feel like there was something different you could have done?

One of my past Astral projections I can remember was not a place I want to go ever again. It started with the darkness. I felt like I was floating. By this point I knew what was happening. What I didn't know was there was too much for me to take. I saw a man. His clothes were torn and he was terrified. It looked like we were in green water. He started to scream louder and louder. I was frozen in fear. Laying on my best friends best as she stared at me.

His flesh started to melt away. I saw his insides burst into flames until he was nothing more than a pile of bones. The smell was horrible. Like Burning rubber. My friend was calling my name, but I couldn't look away. He got up. A full skeleton. I could hear more screams and the fire seized the water. Smoke and ashes. Smoke and bones. There were so many people burning right in front of me.

Then, what I thought was a man in a shreaded cloak come forth. The bones again arised as skeletons. He turned and I saw his eyes
Red with so much hate. He wasn't human. He said something me. Something i can't remember, only that he asked a question.

My best friend started shaking me. Scared that some thing was wrong. I was crying. I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks. She kept asking what was the matter. I asked if she saw it too. She looked at me confused. She said the room became cold.

I told her what I saw. We immediately went downstairs. We didn't speak of it again. I have to wonder now, what would have happened if I had said yes.
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Re: The Past
Post # 2
I learned about what the "bad things" were in the astral world. The memory of what I saw made sure I wouldn't forget. I found more strange things that became aware of me as much as I did of them.

One of those things were other human beings. For a long time I battled with myself. Lying over and over. The humans I saw burning alive were monsters. They weren't real people. I was very wrong. In the back of my head I knew they were like me once. I knew something changed them.

I astraled more frequently; this time to different planes. Jumping off from one to another and another. I found beautiful beings who made promises with their eyes. I couldn't remember what they said to me. One protected me from the other. One died in front of my eyes. I was going insane.

The people I was around could feel the temperature change. Sometimes it was colder. Sometimes it was hotter.

Then, one vivid memory that haunts me more than the one before. I was home alone. I called my best friend and we spoke about mundane life events. My body stoped in front of my closet. He crawled out. My phone turned off. He looked at me shirtless. It wasn't hot inside at all. I wondered why he wasn't wearing a shirt. His smile was too wide. He touched me. I was frozen again. I knew I was astraling. This time I could feel this man's breathe on my neck. He said faintly in my head. Let me repeat that, IN MY HEAD. I found you. He said he wanted to make me like him. Strong. I refused. I said a loud no and backed away. He stoped smiling. He pulled my by my arm and I was gone. It was all black and I saw boxes of light. With people in each one. He was behind a woman. She looked so happy. She kept saying set me free, set me free. He bit I to her flesh and ripped her apart. The whole time he was looking at me. He shouted this is what you are. Accept it. Accept that this is what you want.

I heard my phone ringing. He kept saying no, no, no. You can't run away again. No! I forced my third eye shut and opened my physical ones. The scary part was far from over. I thought he was gone and answered the phone. In tears, I told my best friend what happened. We were both terrified. I turned around to see him standing there. He said you can't leave me again. Never again. And begged me to go back "home."

My best friend somehow knew something was wrong. She told me to repeat her words. I said them over and over and over again. He glared at me until I couldn't see him anymore.

I remember standing back up from the floor. I didn't know how I got there. My best friend kept talking to me until my family came home. I told my sibling. We slept on the same bed that night. Repeating over and over what my best friend taught me. He never came back.

I wish I could say that was all that happened in that brief time of my past. It wasn't.
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Re: The Past
Post # 3
I needed help. There was no one to turn to. I couldn't tell an adult. Who would believe me? My best friend was all I had. She started to have nightmares. Someone was strangling her at night. She woke up breathless. Was it the same man. I told her in every detail what he looked like. She told me the thing she sees is a silhouette of a man turning his back to her and disappearing.

Once again, I lost sleep. I couldn't control my astraling. I don't know where I go in my sleep. I'm fully unaware then. When I wake, I jump up from my bed. I don't feel refreshed, i feel tired. Worse than the night before.

The "bad things" followed me during the day. The only time I thought I was finally able to close my third eye was in the morning. I saw someone. In grey sweat pants and a hoodie in the mornings folliwing me. He didn't look up and didn't say anything. He wasn't one of them. They were somehow scared of him. He grog sec me to the physical world.

I was glad I had some rest going to school on the bus. It was the only time I felt safe enough to close my eyes. It was the only time I wasn't astraling and hearing what the "bad things" said.

A couple months go by. My sibling started talki g to me about the mornings. We both could see the man in sweat pants and a hoodie. We both identified him wearing a white shirt underneath and his attire was grey. My sibling told me he had red eyes. Oh no, no no
This became a serious matter. Was this grown man a physical human being with contact lenses on? I wasn't stupid. In the real world people get hurt. They die and don't come back... right?

I told my parents. They immediately watched us walk to the bus every morning after. He didn't show up. A week later he was there again following the both of us home from School. We ran inside the house. My parents were home thankfully. They didn't see anyone on our drive way. They didn't know what to do. We were so scares.

The next morning was the same as every morning until we walked halfway to the bust stop. There he was. We both looked at each other and looked at our parents. They were calm. Looking back and fourth. My father looked at his watch for the time. Nothing. No reaction. I gathered all of my courage and tapped the man on the shoulder. My fingers didn't connect. They fell through. An instant shiver went down my spine. Was I astraling? I closed my third eye he was still there. My sibling was repeating the words we knew by heart now. He didn't go away. He looked at me and I heard him in my head say stop. You go.
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Re: The Past
Post # 4
The worst part was lying to my parents. We told them it was one of our friends trying to scare us. They didn't believe us at first, but they finally gave in. I think about it now and wonder why they didn't call the cops. I guess two kids with a description like that didn't really make a case.

After awhile, my parents stoped watching us walk to the bus stop he came back again. I told my sibling I could sleep on the bus with him there in the mornings, so we pretended he wasn't follow and didn't talk to him.

It wasn't a permanent solution, but it helped my tired body. My best friend kept looking online for something, anything that would help us. I knew that man was a ghost or a spirit or an angel.

We didn't talk about anything weird. I tried to be normal. I kept all the things I saw to myself. I realized I was hurting the people I loved with what I saw. They didn't need to hear. I could handle it. I accepted death. The teachers told us lack of sleep brought us closer to death. I kept thinking about the first "bad thing" I saw. I was ready to die.

The good part in all of this, the only thing that saved me were my lies. I pretended everything stoped. That I was okay. I let everyone believe it was magically fixed. Something that quickly came and went. We focused on the man in my best friends dreams.

Somehow we were able to reach out to an adult. My teacher he was able to rid her of the bad man. He knew we had secrets. He was patient. When I gathered what was left of my humanity, what was left of my sanity, I finally asked him. Do you know how to astral? That one single question saved my life. He taught me so much. I never told him about the things I saw or what they said to me. He said I had the choice when it came to darkness. I could let it in or turn on the lights.

I am grateful to this day that he saved me, saved us. My sibling became too afraid to learn.she made me promise to stop too. My best friend moves away. She had her own demons to tame. It would be years until I would meet my next teacher. Someone who would help me lock my potential. Someone that would guide me to help others. To stop being afraid. That was all I wanted

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Re: The Past
Post # 5
This is the whole story of my life. This darkness I don't want to share for others. I don't want to scare people. To make them think evil will always win. That isn't the case. Please don't let darkness in. It can only consume, not give. I was very lucky as a child to find the right people who taught me: i am who I am. To not change my self or give into what I saw. The astral plane isn't a horrible place. There are precautions to take of course. With all of me I hope that the "bad things" and my honesty to this post won't hurt anyone. It's an experience that I never forgot. I really don't want the people I love to see what really happened to me. I want them to think somehow where I left them was where the "bad things" stopped. I guess right now as I am writing this, No matter how tough I thought I was, it broke me. I thought I was the "bad thing" in the lives of the people around me. It took a long time for me to think differently. I am grate for how my life has turned out and I don't think my teachers will ever know how my h they meant to me. To us. Thank you. To the good people out there that help. That understand. Thank you.
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Re: The Past
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Astral Projection from Other Paths.
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Re: The Past
Post # 7
Amazing story and experience as always, it sounds like a fairy-tale haha. And it seemed very intresting too, this and the previous one are the longest posts I ever read on this website. Congratulations also for what you have managed to do, they are not little. It was a big fight and you made it as always. :)
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