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Dragon Fire Divination
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Things Needed
-The Altar
-Athame or Wand
-Incense Burner
-Powdered Cinnamon
-Matches or Lighter
-A belief in Dragons and Magick

First start by casting your circle, now that this is done take your athame or wand, whichever works best for yourself and circle the incense burner 3 times clockwise and say:

By Dragon Fire, and Dragon Might!, Send me the power of Dragon sight!

By the Dragons of the East, South, West and North!

Send your wisdom and guidance forth!

Now take your incense and set it on the pentacle. Point your athame or wand at the pentacle and say aloud:

Draconis, Draconis, Draconis!

Now set your athame or wand to the side and light the cinnamon pile with a match or lighter. Now that the pile is lit focus all of your energy gathered from you circle casting into the pile of burning cinnamon and begin meditating on questions you want to be answered and wait patiently for symbols or patterns to begin to take form in the cinnamon and the smoke. Be mindful of the symbols and images that appear.

After you have received the desired answers let the burning cinnamon die out naturally on the pentacle. You can save the burnt ashes to make black salt for cleansing your sacred space or area that you wish to cleanse.

Be sure to thank the Dragons for aiding in your magickal work, always approach them with the utmost respect and they will respect you as well.
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