What is magic really?

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What is magic really?
Post # 1
Hi there,

I would like to know what magic really is and what it can do.

I have read a lot of stuff but I still don't know for sure okay this is it.

So I would like to ask some questions:

1. Can I use my magic to create a Fire/Thunder/Ice/Water Ball in my hand? AND Will I be able to see it?

2. Are charkas my own magic source?(Do I have to use this method?)

3. Do I have to do a Ritual to activate my powers?

4. Is magic almost only a positive attitude and strong believe in what one wants?

5. Can I learn to fly/levitate with magic?

6. Can I make random objects appear?

7. Can I use it to make myself thin within a few days?

8. I have seen Monks creative fire with there bear hands. Are they using magic?

9. I have been able to "feel" a PI Ball but can't see it. Will this change with time?

10. Will I be able to see Fey in our realm or rather only in a trance state? (How can I be sure its not my imagination?)

I might be a bit inpatient but I feel like I'm lost and don't know how to continue my magical journey.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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Re: What is magic really?
Post # 2

Ok so, it seems to me you've gotten a "Hollywood" idea of what magic is.

You can't use it to create fire or ice or thunder. You can't use it to fly or levitate. You can't use it to make objects appear, you can't use it to dramatically change your apperance.

Magic is about moving our energy and will to bring about small, subtle changes. It works with nature not aginst it. I'd suggest forgetting all that Hollywood mumbo jumbo and looking into what magic is and isn't. There are a lot of good posts in the General Info Section that can help.

Fairies (which is what I assume you mean by "Fey") are spiritual beings that you can work with, just like any other spirit but you need to build up a relationship with them. As for energy, you can feel (and maybe see it, depending on how sensitive you are.)

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Re: What is magic really?
By: / Novice
Post # 3


1: No. This is fiction.

2: Chakra (Which is plural. Chacram is singular) Are energy centers in the body. In the Indian metaphysical system there are seven major chakra on each of the energy bodies, and those chakra are connected between the energy bodies. They supply vital energy to each of the bodies. Since the Astral body is the emotional and the Mental body is mental, they also affect us in these ways. No, you do not have to use the chakra system. Western Ceremonial Magic uses a system based off the Qabbalistic Tree of Life which uses five centers. Many Far East systems are based off of traditional Chinese medical systems which use three. So, there are options.

3: This one is my opinion. No, you do not. However, the act of ritual preperation and performance dramatically increase the energy that you build up and focus in your magical act. Ritual is also a great aid in attaining altered states of consciousness when connecting to and working with the higher energies.

4: Magic is much more than belief. It is also the focus of the proper energies, in the proper way, taping into higher energies often represented by godforms, using sympathetic vibration to induce the vibrations in your life that are associated with what you are tying to achieve, exploration of higher levels of consciousness and existence, and much, much more. In my opinion, every act is a magical act.

5: No. Again, fiction. Unless you do a ritual or spell to go somewhere, invoking the great spirit of American Airlines.

6:Will random objects magically appear out of thin air? No. However, can you do work to attract things to you? Yes. Understand though that your mundane actions must support your magical intentions. If you do magic to attract money, but then never try to find work or do anything to gain money, then don't be surprised if nothing comes your way.

7: No. But you can achieve your results given a reasonable amount of time. Magical results must be within what I call the 'realm of possibility'.

8: In 46 years here, 28 yers studying magic, and 26 years in martial arts, I have never seen anyone start a fire with their bear hands. I have seen some very well done tricks. I have seen people maintain their internal temperature enough to melt ice around them at a higher rate. I have even seen high level martial artists who run too much hot energy leave the impression of their hands in wooden staves when training. I have even done fire walking. But, no fire starting.

9: Psy energy, which is also called ki, orogone, ruach, prana, chi, mana and a hoast of other names, is an energy that exists within all things. With time and practice it is possible to increase, store and manipulate that energy. This is the energy that we use when casting spells or doing ritual. Just like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it will get and the more your awareness of it will increase. But, remember the 'realm of possibility' I discussed earlier. You won't be able to shoot out psy balls and defeat your opponents. But you will be able to understand the natural energies of existence and learn what you can do within that structure to affect change around you.

10: I am sure that people will disagree with me on this point, and that is fine. Nonetheless, this is my opinion. Everything that exists has a spiritual cause behind it. It's own spirit, if you will. We can learn to percieve these spiritual causes, usually in states of altered awareness. That awareness is brought into the unconscious mind of the observer where it is deleted, distorted or generalized to fit into the world view of the observer. Then, that awareness is passed on to the conscious where we actually recognize that awareness. This is something that happens with each and every person according to their world view. It is not a bad thing, nor do I say this to belittle anyone's beliefs. They are valid for you. What I recognize as the spiritual spark behind something others will percieve as faries or dragons or whatever fits into their world view. As to how you can be sure that it is not your imagination, well, that is the big question. First, I would work at learning to control your conscious and subconscious minds through meditation. Learn to properly train your imagination. The imagination, properly trained, is like a gun. It can be a valuable tool or an instrument of self-destruction. That being said (and yes, I know I am quoting fiction), remember what Dumbledor told Harry at the end of the Deathly Hallows: "Of course it's all in your head. But that doesn't mean it isn't real." What you percieve is your reality, and imagination is the first step in creation. But that does not mean that your wild flights of imagination are reality.

And you can be impatient. That is fine. But, sooner or later, you will have to slow down and actually do the work to achieve results.

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Re: What is magic really?
Post # 4
Thank you for all the answers. They are much appreciated.
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