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Protection from spellcast

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Protection from spellcast
Post # 1
Hey guys, I was hoping somebody out there might be able to help me with a situation I have recently come across. I saw a psychic and a psychic told me that there had been spells cast upon my daughter and I. And she is entirely right. Our relationship in the last year has just gone from greatness to nothing she won't speak to me text me anything, and I've done nothing to deserve this whatsoever. And when I ask her why she's so upset she can't even tell me. She says I don't know, I just don't want to see you and talk to you any more. And I have also had some problems with me and pain in my shoulders, and I've done nothing to hurt my shoulders to cause this much pain, it literally feels like a nail is being driven into the socket of my shoulder. And one day my right shoulder will hurt and all of a sudden it stops and the left starts. And I'm wondering if that could be some type of a voodoo doll or something. I'm just really uneducated in everything pertaining to this. Can somebody please give me some suggestions or some guidance in how to protect my daughter and I thank you very much. I appreciate your time.
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Re: Protection from spellcast
By: / Novice
Post # 2

First, for the pain you should see a physician. Do not automatically assume a magical cause.

Second, I highly recommend taking the word of psychics with a grain of salt. The reason is not so much because they are a sham (Many are.) but because when a psychic receives information it passes through their mind, which naturally deletes, distorts and generalizes that information according to their own world view. Now, this does not happen on purpose, but it does happen. I can count on one hand the number of psychics that I have encountered that have put in the time and effort to learn to bypass that process. It is difficult.

Now, this is not to say that you are being influenced by something. You may well be. But chances are that it is not an actual curse or magical attack. True magical attacks are rare. More than likely you are being influenced and affected by negative thoughts and emotions of someone else. They may not even be directed at you. The best way to protect against this is to fill yourself with positive energy. The more you are filled with this positive energy the less you will be affected by negative. Don't give it a chance to come in. Focus your thoughts on positive things, do not get drug down in negative thoughts, do fun things. All of this will help. Meditation, especially ones where you are connecting to and bringing Light into you, is very helpful.

On the off chance that you are truely under magical attack, start by cleansing your home. Use sage and sweetgrass in every room in your home. (Or, frankensence. I like it better.) Put some salt in a glass of water and sprinlke it around your home to cleanse and purify it. Charms such as the SATOR charm work well. You may even want to do a full banishing. You may need to do a little research on that. You can carry protection stones such as ruby or hematite with you. You may want to cleans your place of work as well, if you can.

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Re: Protection from spellcast
Post # 3
First, the usual disclaimer. Like Gaggs said, be cautious when working with any psychic. The trouble with charlatans and scammers is that they are very good at convincing people they aren't. There are some solid red flags to look for though.

A genuine psychic wanting to help a client normally does so by educating them on how they can help themselves. When they do act on behalf of a client, there is no reason why the client wouldn't be able to be present. So if the psychic starts saying they can fix the problem for you (for money, of course), or if they refuse to let you join them while doing whatever ritual or energy working they are wanting to do, that is a warning sign. If they offer something more hands on and one-on-one, like an aura clensing, to do a smudging with you, or to come over to do a blessing on the house with you there to take part, that can be a bit more trustworthy.

Also, if the psychic is asking for money saying they need it to buy supplies, or offerings, or 'to bury in a graveyard' (Yes, scammers have used that), or for anything other than the basic fee for the service they are providing, it is a major warning. Typical supplies are cheap and plentiful, and it is a part of their job to have what they need to perform their practice. This would be the equivalent of going to an accountant to do your taxes, and having him charge you extra to go buy a pen because he needs a special pen to fill in the forms that is rare and expensive, and uses rare and expensive ink too. Feel free to ask what exact supplies they say they need, and look online for the common prices. Smudges, incense, and other supplies for magic and energy working are both optional, and also dirt cheap or hand-crafted by the practitioner for the most part.

All of that said, it may be worthwhile trying to figure out the source of the negativity if you can. If it is coming from another person looking for some sort of revenge or justice out of a (valid or not) sense of being wronged, then a possible solution is to sit down over a cup of coffee and hash it out. if it is from another person out of petty hatred or control, at least you know where the attack is coming from and can tailor your response to it. And, of course, if it feels like something non-physical like an attachment or other negative or malicious entity that you or your daughter have picked up, again it would help you to tailor how you act to send it away.

Gaggs also covered some very solid, easy ways of grounding or removing the negativity. Stones like hematite and obsidian naturally ground out energy like a lightning rod to a thunder storm. And positive energy and vibration counteract or push away darker and more negative energies, making it difficult or impossible for them to have influence. It is a very good starting point and may solve the issue outright. At the very least it would provide some general protection until you can access more details about what is going on.
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Re: Protection from spellcast
Post # 4
I could also be the fact that your daughter is growing up, some children upon reaching their teen years can become more distant from their parents. I also agree that psychics can be hoaxes, but never assume a magical cause first. Your shoulder might also be the attributed to getting older. The best course of action for your shoulder would to see a physician like aforementioned, for your daughter. Natural things happen without human interference, there are probably charms you could find or spells you could cast, but as with the laws of conservation, there is always a price for something.
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Re: Protection from spellcast
Post # 5
Thank you, so much for your time and information makes a lot of sense. The last thing I want to do is cast a spell. I would really rather protect myself from the spell and from what I gather positive energy and feeling good about myself and prayer for that person it could be casting. The spell is probably my best bet. From what I understand so far. Thank you again for your time and your help..
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Re: Protection from spellcast
Post # 6
Thank you so much for your time. I greatly appreciate it. Yeah, I've learned a lot about doctors. They're not very helpful. They've been taught only to pass meds and send you to another doctor holistic the only way to go for me anymore, im really starting to figure this system out and it truly sad that it's come to this.

I think what it is is my friend's wife is very angry person, and every time she sees me she just glares at me with This hate, for some reason she just seems to just hate me and I don't understand why so I don't know what to do about that, apparently and told all I can do is pray for her.
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Re: Protection from spellcast
Post # 7
Thank you for so much for your time. And your information? I doubt that a psychic can actually help me, I agree with that entirely, but is it possible for a psychic to even know who is sending the curse or the ill wishes cause if I know who it is, I can approach him and ask him why and maybe clear something up. Thank you again so much for your time.
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Re: Protection from spellcast
Post # 8
Believe me Wanaknow, a doctor will not just do nothing, if they do, they're a hack. Science is the most reliable way to solve problems like shoulder pain. Try maybe a chiropractor or masseuse.
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Re: Protection from spellcast
Post # 9
Mr tiredofgaggs I am one of the people who 'misunderstood' when you mentioned that the originator of the post is being influenced and affected by negative thoughts and emotions of someone else. In addition I am also convinced that someone's emotions and 'negative thoughts' are not good enough to affect anyone. But then again me being convinced of something does not necessarily imply anything.
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