Breaking a spell

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Breaking a spell
Post # 1
I need advice on how to break a spell. I am not familiar with any form of magic. I just know that I have been involved in a spell. I am seeing things with my eyes shut, and I see shadows moving and talking with them open. I also hear the other person talking. I can think of a feeling I wish the other person to feel and they do, as do I.
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Re: Breaking a spell
Post # 2
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Re: Breaking a spell
Post # 3
there are a few generic ways of releasing, sending away, or breaking magic. But it would help to get some specific details to help figure out a more tailored, specific counter-action. Or if one is even necessary.

You said you were in a spell... Does that mean you took part in the act of casting it? Or that you had a spell cast on you? Is there anything you know about the spell or its intent? (IE; What was the specific goal behind the magic?

Generally speaking ic the magic had negative or harmful intent, the most straightforward counter is to do what you can to foster positivitg around yourself, and to do something that will ground out the spell. ... Think of it like setting up a lightning rod. It grabs the energy of the spell before it can get to you and shunt it away.

Smudging is a useful practice. Get yourself a bit of either sage, sweetgrass, or cedar. Put it in a heat resistant bowl and use a lighter on it until it gust catches flame. Then blow it out so you have just a couple of smoking embers. Set it on a table and stand within arms reach, And cup your hands through the rising smoke to pull it over yourself.

Start with pulling the smoke over the top and back of your head. Then your face and neck, your chest, Around your sides to your back, your belly,and down each leg. Take your time with it. Make each time you cup your hands through the smoke intentional and deliberate. While you do this, Imagine the smoke washing over you and washing away the energy of the spell like how soapy water carries away dirt.

When done you can also do the same for where you live. I start with the main or most-used entrance. You can also start with the middle of the north wall. Go clockwise around the room, paying attention to windows and external doors, and giving a wave of the incense into any closets and other storage spaces along the way until you have walked your whole living area.

The smoke of the incense clears the air and soaks up bad energy. ... Think of it like baking soda soaking up a bad smell. It carries the energy away to make it easier to then do other magics to 'shut the door' on the energy coming back, or otherwise remove the source of the bad energy.
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