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Advice and help please..

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Advice and help please..
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Advice and help please..
Post # 1
Im not sure what thread I should post this, but Ill start here. My family(mother and two sisters) and myself have delt with almost five years of horrible luck. From the signs, I need your opinion on whether we have been cursed or if we´re being haunted or I dont know. Ive never shared this with anyone but Im desperate...
For starters our economic state took a major plunge, suddenly money became tight, the eldest and myself got a job which doesnt pay bad yet we´re still in horrible debt. We dont indulge in luxuries, no snacks are bought and everything is basic necesities. Which leads me to that, food rots too quickly. Two days in the fridge and its already gone bad. My eldest sister, mom, and myself have been found with some health issue, CROHNs disease, benign tumors in the breasts, and cysts in the ovaries, respectively. WE clean and yet horrible oders fill the house. Suddenly stange bugs show up, a lot of flies and big centipedes. I had a horrible month of constant depression, cry all night, no sleep, horrible thoughts of death, after this four relatives of ours died not including our two dogs, which my mom held one on the way to the vet and the dog died in her arms.... Not to mention the romance in our lifes..is well horrible. I myself dont bother with it because it never works out well. What made me think we might be cursed or something is the black figures,I see and humanoid thing, my family and I see.....I need advice....These are just what I can remember as I type.
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Re: Advice and help please..
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Vodou.
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Re: Advice and help please..
Post # 3
First step is always to investigate the mundane. I can imagine some of it has already been examined and ruled out, but I'm gonna list as many possibilities as I can just in case something wasn't thought of. (So yeah, Sorry about how long this sucker is gonna be. -_-)

regarding the financial troubles;
-if you have multiple incomes coming in, and you are tracking your spending, but money is disappearing, there is a possibility of theft. Has money been going missing out of wallets and purses, or is it vanishing from bank accounts? One thing to check is to save all of the receipts from every purchase you make over the course of a couple of weeks. No matter how small. Set them aside somewhere safe and all together until a few weeks have passed. I would suggest a month, and include the house bills like hydro, water, sewage, gas-line, cable bill, any sort of outgoing money in the household. Then go your your bank and get a spending history statement. Both a transaction statement and also a credit card statement for every card in the residence. compare with the receipts and see if there is anything extra. if there are, mark them somehow so you can see them easily, and compare the purchase records (location, time, store or ATM the charge was placed through, etc) with your activities to try and account for them. If they are illogical or out of place (Like coming from an entirely different city for example) you might be a victim of identity fraud and need to contact your bank right away. At the very least it will provide a confident accounting of the incoming and outgoing budget.

regarding the food;
-silly obvious question; is the refrigerator running properly? have you checked the running temperature? A fridge that is too cold will do just as much damage to food as a fridge that is too hot. You might just need to adjust the running temperature.
-Likewise, does the fridge close properly. Does the door seal up, or does it like to sit ajar or have gaps to let out the cold air?
-is the food that you are buying fresh? When its it being purchased in relation to the shelf-life?
-is the milk in a plastic jug or paper? I have personally found that every time I buy it in a plastic container, it goes bad much more quickly than in a paper carton.

As for the health problems, smells, and insects, there is a chance they might all be related. Mold and other air contaminants can cause a lot of problems, and can be caused by a lot of things like moisture or a dead animal in the walls, air vents, tucked into a hole or corner of the basement, or even just outside the house. Combine this with continuous stress from everything else going on, and it would take it's toll on the healthiest of systems. ... heck the constant stress alone could be enough to cause health problems.

Are there any coincidences that you can think of? Like the bad smell and insects, or change of seasons and bad smell, or maybe a window or other exterior seal being damaged from a storm, letting in water and/or the insects get inside? Were the insect problems common at the times they occurred? For example when you were invaded by flies, were there other homes in the neighborhood with similar problems? It could be a seasonal thing. Where I live, we have an affectionately termed yearly plague. each year it is different. one year it is crazy numbers of mosquitoes. next year it is mayflies. Another year and it is tent caterpillars. or water boatmen beetles. or horse-flies (ugh I hate those -almost- worse than mosquitoes! >_
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Re: Advice and help please..
Post # 4
Apparently I found the post limit. ... so here is the second part.

The black figures are an interesting thing. And are worth some attention regardless of if the rest can be explained or accounted for through mundane means. Things to check mundane-wise would be plays of light from windows and reflections. Do they always appear in the same one or two places and nowhere else? Is the location in a direct line to a light-source? Does that line have objects in its path that cast shadows? one common culprit is light from windows- especially with a moving light source outside like a car's headlamp.

One other litmus test would be to be aware and alert of yourself and your reactions when you see them. Do you feel a sensation of their presence like a sense of cold, or feeling shaky and drained? Do you feel their presence before or after you see them with your eyes? Other than the logical sense of fear and surprise from encountering something unknown, do you eel any other emotions? Foreboding, dread, comfort, safety, danger... anything that would exist outside the normal reaction to a surprise. How you react to their presence can be a good indicator of the nature of the shadows. Negative emotions and sensations, feelings of oppression or depression, can mean it would be time to call in perhaps a priest or priestess to help with a house cleanse and blessing. If you are new to magic and need a solution soon, that is the best bet. You want to have experience and (above all) authority in the act and that comes from time practice and familiarity.

Once blessed, it can be maintained by using smudge through the house whenever you might start to feel a need for it, otherwise working to restore and build on a positive environment inside of the home will go a long ways in restoring your confidence, reducing your stress, connecting your authority with your home, and using that to establish a threshold and some ground rules. A personal go-to statement is "Let no malicious being bring harm within this home. Let only light and love exist within these walls."

If the shadows are harmful or malicious, they will be in essence kicked out. if they are not negative beings, then by word and intent they would be allowed to stay so long as they followed those rules.

Internally, for yourself I would recommend getting your hands on a couple things that would help drain away or ground negative energy and emotion. Any black mineral would work and are usually easy to get if you have a local metaphysical store or rock shop. Obsidian is a popular and effective grounder. Black Kyanite is a good one as well. I would also recommend learning and practicing a bit of meditation on a regular basis. As a starter, focus on centering yourself, releasing stress, and letting go of negative energy. If you can get yourself to some green-space easily or regularly, spending some time there and just soaking in the view of the trees, plants, birds, and even people can do wonders in restoring a sense of equilibrium.
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Re: Advice and help please..
Post # 5
Simple advice:
1. Consult a debt councillor.
2. Make sure you check the 'best before' and expiry dates on all products before you buy. + Maybe the fridge has a malfunction.
3. Consult medicine.
4. Check under the furniture, sometimes a dead rat under something can cause some really bad odours in a house.

Or better yet, move to another area because the odours might be in the neighbourhood not the house and the infections might have been caused by breathing such odours. But then again I suspect the fridge might be the source of these odours, you know the food rotting and the deaths might be linked to the fridge. Good luck.
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