How do i find a patronGod

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How do i find a patronGod
Post # 1
Im new to paganism i come from a Pentecostal christian background.i have left the faith as some things did not add up and their is so much chaos in Christianity in my eyes it turned me of as well as the contradictions.any way i felt drawn to paganism i felt a intese feeling of freedom and expression with paganism but im new and im still learning.
my question is how do i find a patron god or how do i find out which pagan god chooses me? i don't have any magic instruments or anything can afford them but what can i do can some one please help?
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Re: How do i find a patronGod
Post # 2
Don't feel like you have to find a God immediately, explore and sturdy different mythologies until you find one that you prefer. I choose the Norse gods myself. As for magical instrument or methods you can make your own. Runes are an example or a regular deck of cards, one of my favorite forms of divination. Search the web, there's all the information you need there. Good luck

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Re: How do i find a patronGod
Post # 3

The way I found mine was sort of weird. I was doing research on how to combine Christianity and Wicca (I am a Trinitarian Wiccan, please no bashing) and I came across a goddess/saint who played both sides of the field, Brighid. Then when I meditated, I found her waiting there for me and she would help me out. When I did more research, she fit me like a glove and we kind of chose each other.

Point is, don't rush it. You'll find your patron god when the time is right. For now, keep searching, keep learning, and one day, you might snag onto one particular god and they won't let you go. It just sort of happens.

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Re: How do i find a patronGod
Post # 4
Kind of to repeat what everyone has said: you should take your time, you should be ready and sure when you accept a god.

I have limited knowledge on this subject, but I believe you will get signs from gods if they are considering you. So if the god of coconut were to be checking you out as a possible candidate, you might have weird coconut smells following you all the time. (that was a horrible example, but you get the point.)

I don't know how you could seek out a god. Perhaps meditate? Pray, if that's what you're into? Personally, I have conversations with gods in my head (I know, they should lock me up in an insane asylum) and that is how I get to know gods.

Gods in this is used as a term to describe both gods, goddesses, and gender fluid gods. (are there any genderless pagan gods?)
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Re: How do i find a patronGod
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

There is a really good discussion of this topic at

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