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1 What is magick?

Magic is fundamentally the art of changing consciousness and physical reality according to ones will. Mostly through the manipulation of
metaphysical energy within our physical Universe. The real true source of all magic is actually the power of pure thought which comes from the pure thought foundation of reality.

This is ultimately the original eternal God, aka the
Macroverse (all the Omniverses), although there is also the pure thought of the Gods in between who compose the Omniverses (a collection of Multiverses, aka a collection of parallel Universes).

Our own consciousness has the power of pure thought trapped within our supposedly physical brains linked to our powerful souls which may already have ascended to Omniverse Gods in higher planes of reality outside of time. When fully tapped and unleashed all magic is possible.

So magic is accessing the full potential of the conscious information that composes our reality. In theory anything a sentient being can imagine is possible and could exist in reality.

The lowest levels of magic can unintentionally begin with
Illusionist faux magic tricks performed by so called Magicians in magic acts for entertainment purposes. A rare few stumble into the supernatural world of real magic as their minds strain to perpetuate real magic by unlocking the secrets of their subconscious minds.

In most cases the paranormal potential of the human mind is realized by proxy via calling upon higher dimensional beings for the apparent dispensing of mystical power. This can include Gods, Goddesss, Demons, Jinn, Angels, higher Gods, etc.

Those who advance to larger levels of magic can finally gain direct access to the magic of their own mind free of any intermediaries. Unfortunately magic can be used for evil as well as good.

Below are the general types of magic in order of power from least to greatest:

General Levels Of Magic

Sub-Sects Of Magic – Religions that focus on the worship of specific higher beings, or one being to acquire power.

Witchcraft – Calling upon a variety of higher beings for power. Including Earthly Gods, Goddesses, Demons, etc. Powerful witches can call upon Goddess Gaia, aka Mother Earth, thereby tapping into the life force of the Earth itself. A rare few practice Enochian Magic which calls upon sympathetic Angels for power.

Wizardry – The combining of magic, alchemy, and science. This often includes witchcraft although there is very little worship of higher deities unless a dark wizard wants special powers.

Sorcery – Mastery of all magics on Earth along with tapping into the energy of the Earth, Solar System, and beyond. Once all Earthly magics are unified into one power there’s a realization that their mind is the ultimate power as it taps into the extremely powerful human soul.

Galamagic – Also called
Galactic Magic . Practicing all magic in a galaxy along with tapping into the mystical energy of the galaxy itself.

Unimagic – Also called
Universal Magic . Practicing all magic within a Universe,and utilizing the energy of the entire Universe.

Hypermagic – Practicing all magical forms within a Multiverse, aka collection of parallel Universes. Also tapping into the energy of the entire Multiverse.

Omnimagic – Practicing all forms of magic within an Omniverse, aka collection of Multiverses, along with pulling forth the energy of said Omniverse.

Macromagic – Mastery of all the infinite magics of the Macroverse, aka the infinite mind of the only truly eternal God to ever exist. Only he can master Macromagic but some aspire to become one with his collective matrix thereby attaining the highest level of magic possible.

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Re: FAQs (websites information)
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