Hot foot/break up

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Hot foot/break up

Hot foot/break up
Post # 1
Just trying to figure out which is the best way to get rid of another. The Hot foot burning a vigil candle now can. I also do a break up at the same time or wait till Not Foot finish. What is the best way to dispose of empty vigil candle jar.
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Re: Hot foot/break up
Post # 2
Throwing it out would result in it ending up in a landfill. I know your subconscious realizes that you've reached the end of your spell/ritual/working when your bury your objects with a certain importance in mind, however most people would just throw their candles and jars out in the trash when done with them. For candles some people reuse them but that's up the person to decide, but if you want to dispose of them you could bury it away from your home and property if it was for something with ill intent. I understand I probably mentioned something twice in there but I think I recall something about putting candles in cloth, going somewhere with running water such as a river, and tossing it into the water over your left shoulder, then walk away and don't look back. Another thing you could do if you don't have access to a river or such is to go to a crossroad where they're won't be any traffic and toss it into the crossroad once more over your left shoulder, also making sure the candle is wrapped in cloth. I'm not sure if you could do this for jars as I think it's just for candles. All and all I hope I was of some help to you Deedee5122!

Blessed be!
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Re: Hot foot/break up
By: / Novice
Post # 3
you can do this for any spell items really [though if your concern is it ending up in a landfill i don't see how throwing it in water or burying it in the ground would be the better option] whatever method you choose, you are trying to remove the energy from your home.

if there's a lot of candle left, i would cleanse and reuse it [some melt the candle down and make another one] regarding the jar, i'll repurpose it a lot of the time, but if for whatever reason i can't [too cluttered usually] i recycle the jar. if it's pretty and there's no wax [or the candles barely used] you could try donating them to charity. i know many witches who buy their tools at second hand stores. [just cleanse it before you do to be nice]
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