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Post # 1
Ive been looking into wicca. But I don't know where to begin with it . I agree with quite a few of its principles. I want to know more, as I'm really drawn to its beliefs and I have been from a young age. Where do I begin? Who do I worship and what are their names? What do I need to know?
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Re: Beginning
Post # 2
Wicca doesn't have a certain god we worship. We believe in the Wiccan Rede"Do what you will as long as it harms no other". One thing you need to know is to avoid black magick at all costs. We use the three fold law, which means that for whatever energy you put out(Positive and negative) it will come back to you three times as powerful. Other than that, do what feels right to you. If you are interested, i have a whole online library that you can use. It has both modern and ancient texts. Please feel free to mail me if you like.
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Re: Beginning
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Hi and welcome. I've been Wiccan for some 35 years now and High Priestess of a real-life coven and Tradition since 1996. I am always happy to try to answer questoins for those who are new to the Wiccan religion.

WhiteLover has made some statements in his post about Wicca that are not actually true, although you will often find them on the internet and in books. So let's see if I can provide you with better informational books and sites to get started with. One good place to begin in in the Wicca Forum right here on this website. Here are some threads that I suggest starting with:

"What Wicca Is and Isn't" -

"Main Wicca Posts" -

"So You Want to be Wiccan" -

"Ask a High Priestess" -

And some really good books to start out with include:

" Wicca: A Year and a Day " by Timothy Roderick

" Wicca " by Thea Sabin

" A Witch Alone " by Marian Green

Now, to try to answer the two questions you asked:

I would recommend that you begin by doing a lot of reading and studying so that you understand the religion of Wicca with its beliefs and practice thoroughly before you decid that this is what you want to do. This is the reason for the traditional "Year and a Day" of study. Deciding to commit yourself to any spiritual path should be done with a lot of thought and soul-searching. Becoming Wiccan is no different.

As to the Deities of Wicca it very much depends. At its heart, Wicca is a polytheistic religion worshiping specifically a male and a female deity. In Traditional Wicca, which is a specfic initiatory form of Wicca there is a very specific God and Goddess who are worshipped, but their names are never shared with any who are not initiated into those Traditions. Many who are solitary Wiccans simply call them God and Goddess, or Lord and Lady. Or, you may find in time that you develop a personal relationship with specific deities and use those names. Since you are just starting out I'd suggest sticking to the titles of Lord and Lady for now.

Hope this has been helpful to you. Don't hesitate to ask me any specific questions you might have.

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