Time on spirit planes

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Time on spirit planes
Post # 1
Is it possible, some human minutes here to feel like hours in the spirit round? These days I keep wondering how the spirits that are busy with summonings spend time with their friends, twin flames etc. Some of them are just so, so busy, how can they even meet, discuss and so on??
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Re: Time on spirit planes
Post # 2
There are a few different schools of thought on this, but one of the common threads is the idea that time is much more fluid or less relevant on spiritual levels. So while time may still pass, I imagine it's perception as similar to a dream; where a second could last for a millennium, or a year could pass in a mere moment. Depending on the perspective and desire of the entity experiencing it.

There is no specific movement of time as energy, intent, and motion operate within the instant. Technically a being could move within the cycle of time at any pace they would want simply by increasing or decreasing their amount of activity in any given moment. (that whole relativism thing.)

Add to this that on a level of soul, any being does not need to commit the whole of themselves to any single action, activity, or even incarnation. This is where meditative ideas like connecting to the Higher Self come in. Think of it like the spiritual version of dividing your attention. We might be dividing our mental awareness and capacity between talking on the phone, looking something up online, typing out an E-mail, and listening to the TV or radio in the background. Similarly our spiritual/higher Self might be reflecting on past experiences, committing a portion of itself to a physical incarnation, meeting with a guide to evaluate some idea or concern, or 'checking up' on a loved one from a previous life, or some similar combination of tasks.

And, of course, the 'older' and more experienced the being, the more ability they would develop to multitask in such a way. Both by being more 'efficient' in choosing how much of itself to dedicate to different tasks, but also in having more experience and also energy to work with. So beings who have expanded into higher levels of awareness or ascension, or who are more deeply connected into higher levels/vibrations or planes of spirit, would only logically be more capable of doing similar things.
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Re: Time on spirit planes
Post # 3
In addition it has been written in scientific books that 'time' does not necessarily work the same way on different locations in the physical universe as well. This has a lot to do with the differences in gravitational accelerations.
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Re: Time on spirit planes
Post # 4
Ookay thank you!
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