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Tips for Projection
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I've gathered up my study on this subject and decided to make a thread, I've seen many people who are interested in Astral Projection, don't know where to start, and I would be happy to help today. I will be sharing tips on astral projection, not the exercise
I hope you enjoy.
What is Astral Projection? Astral Projection is an exercise where you are in an OBE (Out of body Experience) and your astral body

(also can be called "spirit body") is separated from your physical body. It is much like being a spirit, and knowing what it is like in the afterlife. Astral Projection is nothing like lucid dreaming, except being aware of reality. Astral Projection is

leaving your physical body while lucid dreaming is being aware that you're dreaming.
What to know before you try astral projection: You cannot die directly from astral, yes, you can die in your sleep, your physical
body can die at any given time, but astral projection will not kill you.
You do not bring back evil spirits unless by choice you will not bring any harmful spirits and/or demons when performing astral projection.
Do not fear astral projection. You have to really want to, fearing it takes away chances of being able to.
You do not have to make contact with any spirits, passed loved ones, etc, this is your experience, you have a choice what to do with it.
You may find things such as spirits in your home when performing astral, the best thing is to not be scared or freak out, remember, it was there before you knew it.
What is Astral Travel? By opinion, it's much more different than Projection. In astral travel, you will be able to visit different dimensions, see a passed loved one, go to a place you've always wanted to go to, see the past/future, go to other dimensions etc.
Start using meditation: Why? Because when you begin astral projection it is like meditating, you focus on breathing and let go of your thoughts. Meditation is one of the basics and is quite useful for not only projection but magick as well. If you are having trouble with meditation and where to start you may want to look at this article posted by the coven Ravens
Have an intention for Astral: Why do you want to astral? See a loved one? Just out of curiosity? You may want to have a notepad with you and write
down your intention for doing astral, look back on it in a few days and see if that's still your intention, it doesn't have to be one, it doesn't have to be many.
When should I start? You can start at any time, but it is best to start in the mornings, not night time. Reason being, you're very
likely to fall asleep at night time, especially if it's been a big day and you're tired. In mornings, you are quite drowsy. Make sure you won't be disturbed while doing it. You
can quickly put on some music specifically for astral projection, there is a list of them on youtube:
Having trouble with astral? It's okay! Astral is very very difficult and it takes a lot of time to master it before being able to successfully do it. It could take hours, days, weeks, months, or years to successfully astral. This practice is very very difficult and you will need to put effort and patience into it. You may be almost at the state but get "pushed" back in. This may be your spirit guide, or guardian angel telling you that you're not ready yet. Stay calm the whole exercise once you start reaching your separation it's very relieving and you may be excited that you actually did it, this may cause the physical body to wake up during it. You may have gotten stuck in a part of your physical body, and if you fight it, it may really hurt. Stay calm, you may have mistaken astral for a dream, this is one thing that many people have trouble with, you have to get a grip on reality, and realize you are in projection and that what you're experiencing is very real.
I hope you enjoyed this and I hope it was helpful!
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