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Post # 1
So I have this spirit (at least one, possibly multiple) that resides in my apartment. A lot of the times I'll be alone and hear random noises and movement but no one is there. A slight chill will move over my entire body but I never see anything.

On the other hand there are times when I'm just doing my own thing and a sudden fear seems to grip me and I find myself looking at my door for a figure that isn't there.

What could this be?
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Re: Question
Post # 2

Hello, Jaxies here!

This can mean many things. The spirit might want your attention to send you a message.

Ever thought about trying to communicate with the spirit?

If you do feel unsafe and want to get rid of this spirit I suggest to cleanse your household and cast a protection spell.

I hope all goes well!

Blessed Be.


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Re: Question
Post # 3
I suggest you evoke it and find out why it's there. If you decide you don't want it there then you can get rid of it or hire someone if you don't know how.
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Re: Question
By: / Novice
Post # 4
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Re: Question
By: / Novice
Post # 5

There are spirits everywhere. Some make you notice them, some don't.

The random noises and movement are signs that the spirit may try to deliver you a message, like said above. The chills and the sense of dread, fear, anxiety, etc.. are normal when a spirit is present.

If the spirit hasn't done anything to put you in any kind of danger, then you could just simply let it be. However, if you don't feel comfortable and/or if he seems threatening, you can always simply ask him to leave. Most spirits will try to stay but some eventually will hear you and they will leave. If the spiritpressists on staying and you really don't want him to, you can banish him and take some protective measures, also as said above.

A good protection tool is spraying your walls with water mixed with salt while saying some type of prayer. Burning sage or sage incense is also a good option, but in my opinion it's not has effective but definetly worth using.

Also, when this grip of fear hits you, try to change it. It's normal to feel frightened but controlling it is the best thing you can do. Try to ignore it or diminish it because some spirits will take advantage of a frightened person.

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Re: Question
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

As stated, the spirit might want to come in contact with you, or possibly just feel comfortable around you.

And just because you get a chill, doesn't always mean it's a spirit they are very common and out of nowhere. If you want to talk to this spirit you can use meditation to hear them, they may need or want something.

You may just be sensing the spirit is there, most of the time if a spirit randomly comes into your property they are not trying to scare you, they might just want to talk to you.

I hear not all spirits like being alone in peace and might want to simply be your friend.

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