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Spiritual awakening

Forums ► Other Paths ► Spiritual awakening
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Spiritual awakening
Post # 1
Have you ever had a spiritual awakening? Have you ever been lost in life & finally found your way? If so, share your story, I would love to hear them :)
I was lost for a good portion of my life but really lost touch with my spirituality & who I really from from the time I was in high school until maybe fourth semester of college. I found my spiritual awakening in the most unusual place; through science. I'm an engineering major so it's honestly the last place I would have expected to find myself & my spirituality due to the fact that many say you can't have scientific knowledge & spirituality. They're wrong. It all started when I was in my physics class learning about the waves of energy. It was my favorite unit because it all started to make sense to me. This was the first time I was able to connect the dots to our creator. I learned that we are all connected to every single thing in the universe through electromagnetic waves of energy. We have magnets in our brains from our primal ancestors. The earth has an electromagnetic field that everything is in tune with & our sunlight that sustains our life is given to us through electromagnetic waves. Everything has energy & without an electromagnetic field or magnetic poles, without electromagnetic energy from the sun we could not live. If energy cannot be created nor destroyed, then energy is our creator. Energy lives in us, around us, in the earth, the wind, the water & fire. This was the beginning of me piecing everything together & becoming more in touch with the energy around me. For a while before I started going to college, I lived with someone who didn't believe in anything, he was an extreme nihilist to the point where he said even names are meaningless. Everything to him was meaningless & nothing was out there. It drove me away. He was a very angry & miserable person & always tried to dismiss anything I said about what is beyond us. His negative energy was so overwhelming that to his day I still have a field of negative energy surrounding me. So I've been using healing crystals & burning sage incense & meditating to get rid of this negative energy & cleanse myself. I have been shutting out the negative people in my life & only inviting in positive energy. Ever since my spiritual awakening I feel so much better & I feel so in tune with everything & everyone. If you have a story I would love to hear it because there's nothing I love more than hearing that people have found happiness in themselves :)
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Re: Spiritual awakening
Post # 2
My spiritual awakening was in University. To keep things short, I was Christian at the time and honestly thought that if I believed in God enough, my rent would appear. As in Poof, out of thing air. Needless to say this didn't go over well with my Landlord. Around that time I met a Wiccan friend who introduced me to a few rituals and Scott Cunningham. Twenty years later, I can say I am much more sane and know what I was trying to do wasn't going to work! Rent Money would appear with Magic, and if I focused the right type of energy and action behind it :)
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Re: Spiritual awakening
Post # 3
That's wonderful!!! I'm so happy you found something that suits you :3 sometimes spirituality is a trial & error type of thing but there are signs everywhere that will point you in the direction you belong to if you listen close enough. I'm happy for you & that your rent situation especially is going well :)
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Re: Spiritual awakening
Post # 4
Oh yes! Rent situation is MUCH MUCH better these days :D
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Re: Spiritual awakening
Post # 5
I have had a few ups and downs in my journey, but there is one event that really stood out for me, and actually still does to this day. I had been living from check to check, in a failing relationship, and despite working almost 20 hours of overtime a week I was still routinely broke days before the next payday.

At the time I worked as a security guard, and the building I was responsible for was in one of the roughest parts of downtown Calgary. At the peak of all of this I was all but numb to the world and spent my entire shift basically begging the universe for some reason as to why I should bother continuing to try instead of just snapping, crawling into bed, and otherwise hiding in a hole for the rest of my life.

I worked the graveyard shift, and was doing a last patrol outside the building just as the sun was coming up, and not actually paying attention to anything at all other than my feet until I almost walked smack into some random person. I stopped and looked up to see an older native american man who I first thought might be intoxicated. Of course he wasn't though. he looked the part but only on the surface. He was standing crooked, swaying slightly, unkempt, and his eyes didn't look directly at me. But it was more like he wasn't looking at anything at all, but he definitely wasn't blind. He just had that sort of thousand-mile stare someone gets when in a higher state or tuned more into spirit than into the physical.

It threw me off guard because he wasn't moving, as if he wanted something, or was waiting for something, or both. I opened my mouth to say hello, but before I could say anything he silently offered a hand. Still off balance I reacted instinctively and shook it. After the shake he just kept holding my hand for a second. Still silent. Again, i tried to say something but he just interrupted me by saying "You have light. You're strong. Like eagle."

He emphasized the word strong by clenching his other hand into a fist and making a scowled like someone in intense concentration. I still had no idea what to say. I was completely dumbfounded actually. it also seems I would never get the chance because just like that he let go of my hand, slapped his stomach and said "Well, I'm going to go get some breakfast."

Next thing I knew I was staring at empty space and he was walking off and around the corner. I worked that building for six or seven months and never saw him before. I never saw him since either. But I think I will end up carrying that message with me for the rest of my life. The message was simple, but it hit like a cold frozen fish slapping me in the face. The universe was indeed listening, so buck up and plug on because this is work you need to do.
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Re: Spiritual awakening
Post # 6
That's one of the most amazing stories I've ever heard!! He was sent to you through the universe. Because we can't always understand our fates, it will speak to us through people since it's the best way we can understand. I'm so happy you're in a better place now :3
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Re: Spiritual awakening
Post # 7
Well. I was raised Catholic by my grandfather but pagan by my father. When my father died I was sent to live with my Presbyterian aunt and uncle. I did all I could to please them, even becoming Christian myself. I was very devoted. Until it almost killed me. When I left that faith, I became agnostic. I knew I believed in fate, so I knew I had to believe in something. One night I was at my mother's. I had put my little brother to bed including a prayer as my mother was in the hospital. I then went to bed myself and just asked the universe for an answer. That night I had already been studying Celtic mythology for a book I was writing. As I was praying in my bed, I saw the Morrigan in my mind standing before me. I was pagan from that moment on, but about a year and a half later I was trying to sleep after having a panic attack. Suddenly I was seeing this place. And I was aware of myself in my bed, but also standing in this place. That night I saw my father in that place, spoke to him and touched him. That was my true awakening. That was when I knew I had chosen right and my life would be okay finally.
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Re: Spiritual awakening
Post # 8
That's so beautiful :3
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Re: Spiritual awakening
Post # 9
As a child i had premonitions.It continued till i was 14 years old.I had two unconscious astral projections which scared the hell out of me.Later i met a man of my grandfather's age,he helped me tackle my doubts got me reassurance and said that i was strong to handle my faith.I owe him a lot.Also i feel i had a connection to moon goddess i believe she heard my prayers and answered me.Though major upturn would be this site and the books from which my knowledge expanded i got to exit my fluff stage.
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