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How do I correctly chant?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► How do I correctly chant?

How do I correctly chant?
Post # 1

I have never chanted before. Dictionary def says "say or shout repeatedly in a sing-song tone.". Does anybody know if 1) singing is important or can I also just say it? 2) rythm is important 3) how many times I have to repeat it?
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Re: How do I correctly chant?
Post # 2

There are many different kinds of chants from all over the world, some examples are (but not limited to), Gregorian chanting (associated with the Catholic Church), Vedic chants (associated with Hinduism), and mantra chants. The kind of chanting I do is eastern based and normally I chant mantras. I would post the full mantras I do but they are not in English and I do not want to break the rules of the site :).

A mantra, as defined by the Cambridge dictionary, is:

"a word or sound that is repeated as a prayer" *
I have found each chant to have their own rythm and there own intonations. Some are more sing song and some are more like extending your words out while saying said chant.
This is best understood when heard, so my suggestion is for you to go onto youtube.com and search for Gregorian chants, and/or Vedic chants and/or mantra chants and you will be able to hear the way each one is chanted and what rythm is used for each chant.
Find what works best for you and what sounds best to your ear :)
Best of luck!

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Re: How do I correctly chant?
Post # 3
Ok, tnx for info.

I am more specifically interested in this: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/spiritual_spells/conjuring_spells/13851/page.html

What would you choose for that? How would I know if I have chanted enough? Is there any other spells/chantings that could potenially cause (demonic) hauntings?
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Re: How do I correctly chant?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
well there's a lot of questions i have for that chant [as should you] like if you do not believe in hell [or say hell isn't real] what would happen? will you physically see them or just get a sense of them? what type of demons or just all manner of negative spirits? what if you don't believe in Lucifer? what if you don't speak Latin?

lets say this spell does work, first off do you speak Latin? some swear that Latin is the only magickal language, but if you don't understand it, how do you know if you're pronouncing it correctly, or if you're in fact ordering a pizza? so i would consider either google translate, or boning up on Latin.

i also don't know what you wish to accomplish, not only does the spell warn how difficult closing the gate is, but you should also run once opened. on top of that, do you really think it's wise to open since you seem to have very little spell casting experience? [it's wise to research before you summon anything so you know exactly what to do and how to protect yourself]

overall i say the spell is a dud, but it's your choice to do something, just be careful what you wish for.

how to chant:

if possible cleanse your space, cast a circle, and/or create a magickal atmosphere. [though it's not necessary] you should probably clear your mind by meditating first [or whatever method you use to focus on a single thought. in this case the reason you're chanting] charge energy, and when you feel ready, begin chanting. this can be done out loud or in your mind whatever's more comfortable [though out loud is usually preferred] repeat the chant until you feel your energy at its highest, then release the energy. [stomp your foot on the ground for example]

it can be done in a rhythm, rhyme or song if it helps you, but you should have the chant memorized. otherwise you'll keep stopping and the energy will decrease, your focus will weaken, and it'll be a mess. there's no exact number of times you need to say a chant, it all comes down to how you feel. if you feel you're about to burst with energy, or you cannot focus any longer, then you've chanted enough. sometimes you could say it once, three times, or for a whole 10 minutes. it really depends on what feels right to you.
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Re: How do I correctly chant?
Post # 5

Firstly, english isnt my native language, so what do you mean by word "dud"?

Secondly, with latin, letters are spelled the way they are in my language, so it's not that difficult. However it's difficult because with my language I have not used with that letters order.
I found online text to audible voice generator and it was reading it very similar to what I was reading. I guess the demons can bear little accent.

I believe that Hell is real and Lucifer and demons are real. And I believe that violent demonic hauntings are real. Although I haven't seen them in real life. Only in my dreams I have seen demons few times.

I have few fantasies of what could happen:

Even if these videos contain exaggerations or made up stories, those events arent anything that cant take place once portal is open. Btw do you think watching those would help opening portal? Or could watching this activity even itself open portals as it shows pentagrams, chantings, oujaboards, demons etc?

As for understanding, I would just use logic/similarity.

Conjuro potentiae Lucifer
Patefacio a porta ad inferos
Et tua deamones transire
Sic urantar mundi

Conjuro => conjure
Lucifer => Lucifer
a porta => a portal
ad inferos => to inferno => to hell
deamones => demons
transire => transfer?

These are just my guesses by simply finding similar words that I know. So this is enough to verify that it's not ordering a pizza in latin. However I dont fully understand it. Does success of chanting depend on if I understand every word perfectly or is it enough if I understand most of it but can pronounce all of it?

My intention is to get my dormotory kitchen and bathroom to be haunted as badly and violently as I possibly can get (that's why I was asking if anyone knows any other spells in case this one is fake/not made for that purpose).

My intention is that all of us would feel being watched, being touched. I wish that there would be sudden rises and drops of temperatures, that we would hear fake sounds, that things would move on their own, that we would see entities with our eyes, that we would see demons from bathroom mirror, that demons would scratch our door during the night and that people in my dorm room would randomly become demon possessed.

Just wanna see how bad it gets. After few months I would move out anyways so it's not a problem for me if it gets too haunted.
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Re: How do I correctly chant?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
'dud' just another way of saying it won't work. [and if English isn't your native language, it's wise to do the chant in your fluent dialect]

lmao, i remember watching that show, bad acting XD it's a little far-fetched in the grand scheme of things, you should always take things with a grain of salt [aka question what you see/hear] i've dealt with spirits practically my whole life, they aren't as exciting as movies and shows make them appear. while i haven't personally dealt with a demon, i do believe in them, but a place like hell? that i do not. [but if you do, that's fine] word to the wise, don't play with fire or you'll get burned. but do i think watching scary movies/documentaries will open a portal to let demons in? no. set the mood maybe, make it easier for your mind to play tricks defiantly, but watching a tape and a demon appears never.

the reason i suggest you translate the phrase/chant to your native language is so there is no guess work. you don't understand what you're saying [just assuming what it means] which can effect the spell/chant. [and the pizza thing was a joke, though demonic pizza's not so bad, it comes with anchovies lol]

may i ask why your goal is to get your living quarters haunted? for some fun? an experiment? personally your 'i'll be moving later so who cares' makes my blood boil. [not a fan of people who go with the 'let someone else handle it' motto to life] if you wish to scare people you could look into faking hauntings. if you wish to meet a spirit, you could try contacting one through some form of divination like a pendulum. and for the record, a spirit/demon can attach itself to you and follow you around. spirits usually wander, but they've been known to linger around places, objects and people they grow fond of. so the notion you could open a giant demon party in a house then leave works in theory, but you might make a few friends who decide to follow you when you move. [i had a spirit who followed me to three different houses. the spirit of my dog followed me when we moved to a house a block away, and my pet cat would visit me sometimes even after i moved 18 hours away. spirits can follow you. demons can latch on and be harder to get rid of.]

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Re: How do I correctly chant?
Post # 7
It does not necessarily have to be a sing-song voice. It mostly depends on the type of spell you are intending to cast. If, for instance, you wanted to bring more peace and joy I would suggest singing in a rhythmic sing-song tone, or perhaps and sleepy one.

If it is a spell of intention, concentrate on the intention (That is the assurance that it will take place) and determination in the voice while chanting; a commanding tone works for me.
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Re: How do I correctly chant?
By: / Novice
Post # 8
well if you know how magick works that can cut down a lot of headache. [quick rule on this site: avoid the trick and fantasy section, 99% of these spells are fake] since magick is a natural energy, spells that work work with nature by effecting energy. a love spells raises/lowers the vibration around you to be compatible with another. a summoning calls on a spiritual being to be present but it does not make them physical. they would be on the ethreal plane and we would be in the physical plane.

no, having or not having a certain ingredient [like blood] doesn't make the spell real or fake [blood magick is seen as very powerful as it personalizes the spell not only with your own energy but your own unique blood. you can also use spit, hair, fingernails, and any other body part, but blood is seen as the most powerful] there are so many different paths, not everyone works with blood, some use crystals, while others focus only on herbs. it really depends. i would do a little research on any items used to see what their typical magickal properties are to see if they work well in the specific spell.

trustworthy source of working spells? well, once you're able to understand spells better you can always write your own [many swear by it actually] but there's some good spells on here [a lot of duds, but some good ones too] you can always poke around online for spells, and there's always spell books you can buy [just look up the authors reputation beforehand to be safe] personally the book i reference the most is written by Judika Illes. while i don't own a copy, she wrote the book 'The Elemental Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells' which i've seen on shelves in many bookstores, i'm sure you could grab a copy if you really need one [personally, i don't feel a need for 5000 spells. tempting as it may be lol]
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Re: How do I correctly chant?
Post # 9
I feel that a key to chanting is to emphasize specific words within the chant, to further strengthen the intent of the chant.
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Re: How do I correctly chant?
Post # 10
Thanks again for useful info.

"quick rule on this site: avoid the trick and fantasy section, 99% of these spells are fake"

But this spell is not in trick nor fantasy section, it's in Conjuring Spells section. What would be a way to know that this particular spell is joke and it's not working? Just wish to understand how you reached to that idea.
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