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Truth versus Happiness

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Truth versus Happiness
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Truth versus Happiness
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
This is a topic that has, in all honesty, caused me stress. Its something my mind just wont quit, and its causing me an amount of pain (psychologically). One reason for this may be that the very question of "which is better, happiness or truth" suggests that to have truth, you cant be happy. Although many sources do suggest this - that the illogical nature of truth upsets the logical human mind - it also implies that if you're happy with what is, it isn't true. This is, of course, a leap, but it follows the logic here I feel.

My question is, if I am happy with my path, is it not true or real? If I'm happy to have my beliefs, and find emotional and psychological comfort in my spirituality and make that a huge part of my life, am I then lying to myself? This is something I want to put out to the community, so that I can be sure I'm not stuck in my own echo chamber of thoughts and can get some fresh insight.

Another response I have seen before to this question, is that by challenging "truth", or what we perceive to be true, we are allowing for humanity to evolve in a positive direction, expanding in a way that is supportive to the continual development of the species. In this sense, truth is a human responsibility. Yet, where do we draw the line? Surely, if any harmony is to be sought from one's life, one cannot constantly question - however, if one does draw a line, how can we be sure we are not choosing to question those things that do not align with our own world views? For example, if I questioned every experience I had in meditation, I would never have the time to analyse those experiences and consider what they represent, both psychologically and spiritually. At what point does questioning become anti-productive.

This probably sounds very scattered and much like I'm having a spiritual crisis - I'm not, I just have lots of questions and no answers, simply because I have too many questions and feel slightly overwhelmed by them. Another thought I had while writing this, and it has been often the "collective" spiritual response on general discussions on this question, which is that by constantly questioning ones own beliefs to the point of anti-productivity, are you then simply questioning for the sake of questioning? Could questioning one's beliefs be a means of self-denial, and reinforcing negative views of one's self and own reliability? For example, if an individual had poor self-esteem, they may excessively question their own beliefs in order to confirm their existing self-image, thereby denying themselves happiness.

On another point, can over-questioning exist? Can experiencing that be a form of self-doubt, even (though not literally) masochism? Of course, questioning is completely healthy, and should definitely be encouraged. But where do we draw the line?

Much of this is likely to be something I have to figure out for myself, but I want to avoid getting lost in my own thoughts and have a bit of external insight into the debate. Honestly, I sometimes wonder if it would genuinely be easier to simply accept my own beliefs and lifestyle for what it is, and to treat it as a personal choice rather than something to be constantly doubted and questioned. But then there's always that question - am I somehow denying that responsibility to truth and humanity, by allowing myself that contentment? It's a matter of personalising the question here, I feel, and maybe deciding for myself.

Any and all replies welcome. Sorry for the rant - I'm now still unpicking my questions to address one by one.

Blessed Be x
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Re: Truth versus Happiness
Post # 2

truth is a journey. Nothing is perfect and nothing lasts forever.

Those are my few thoughts on the matter.

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Re: Truth versus Happiness
Post # 3
Hi Nymree

If your happy with your path and belief it should just be fine. The word beliefs already says that you think that something is true or real. You might not be able to prove it to anyone who asks but you think that it is.
So do not think that you are not lying to yourself. It can not be proved wrong or right so you are not lying.
You are happy with your path and beliefs. You are finding emotional and psychological comfort in it. Why would you stop believing in it becaus you doubt the reality of it. Just belief in it and do not try to prove yourself wrong, it will not help you.

That is what I think, you might think otherwise but I hope this will help you.
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Re: Truth versus Happiness
Post # 4
Something drew me to this post. If we sit in our own heads and ponder the meaning of life, are we doing ourselves or others any favors? We are all put here on earth to learn from one another and to exchange thoughts and ideas. If you sit on your ass and ponder the meaning of life forever, you could be a philosopher, but do we really need another philosopher? In my opinion, it is more of a maturity issue. Once you hit a certain age, you just accept life as is. Whatever your higher power is, let it lead your way; however, sitting and pondering is a college stoner burnout hobby. Make the world a better place if you're up to the challenge. If you're having a crisis of faith on the other hand, be patient and the truth will come to you when you least expect it. Once you stop looking for something, it often just appears. And in the paraphrased words of Einsten, the more I learn, the less I know.
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Re: Truth versus Happiness
Post # 5
I've always felt that real happiness only comes with knowing the truth. But of course many people claim truth is subjective so who knows, really?
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Re: Truth versus Happiness
Post # 6
There is no such thing as an absolute truth , everything is part "real" part construct. Searching for the truth will leave you with only more questions and if you don't eventually stop , insanity.
For me the search of truth let me desolate , i gave up eventually to save a small part of me . Don't get me wrong , some passed through the abyss and managed to get away with it , but those are few.
Those being said , never stop questioning , put everything through the filter of common sense I like to call it.Just don't get to much into details , the Devil is in the details it is said you know.If you are happy , and it doesn't harm anyone then go with it .
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