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'Victims' of Love Spells

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► 'Victims' of Love Spells
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'Victims' of Love Spells
Post # 1
I've been researching love spells for awhile now. It's quite interesting how they act as a magnet between two energy fields and a computer virus within the mind to produce the desired results for the one who cast it. So far I've mainly read stories from those who have cast the spells where the caster sees results after a certain amount of time but rarely from the recipient/victim of said spell. Can any here share their experiences as a love spell victim? Curious to see how it happens from the victims POV, for those lucky enough to identify the spell or had it broken by the caster.
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Re: 'Victims' of Love Spells
Post # 2
i am please write more
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Re: 'Victims' of Love Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: 'Victims' of Love Spells
Post # 4

I haven't casted any love spell before but I know alot about this love spell situation, this is taking someones free will and I see is as more darker practice aka black magick even though magick is magick.

Magick has always a price.

Many witches has practiced magick without thinking of the price, because theres no teacher or guide warning the person.

Here is an example .

If you take someone from the dead to life again (it's impossible but a good example to understand) then the dead person is alive again and the price could be that someone else dies because the other person is now alive, there are rules here in this world.

Many witches use DNA, pictures, candles or whatever and if you're interested in casting a love spell then I'd recommend DNA and if it's impossible for you to get then use pictures but be aware of the price.

This isn't counted as brighter magick as I said because everyone is allowed to do whatever because of their FREE WILL but now the caster is forcing the person and the person will be under a spell and probably will be loving you but Ive heard you have to repeat a love spell (depends on what kind of spell you're casting)

But here comes the truth, this love won't be true, pure, real.. It will be fake illusion.

Attraction spells are much better.

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Re: 'Victims' of Love Spells
Post # 5
how do i cast a love spell to make my crush love me
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Re: 'Victims' of Love Spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Y'all need a reality check - do any of you really think you can control people or that people can control you? More to the point, opinions are not facts and while they may be valid experiences and viewpoints for a single person, they do not automatically apply to everyone else.

Let me ask a few things -

What is a spell? How do you feel it works? How do you recognize the "end result" once you've cast it? One would think these are beginner questions, but they stick with us as we evolve in our own understanding of how reality works and where magic fits in that picture. Take a moment to actually consider these questions before continuing.

Now, how does a love spell work? How does that differ from wanting to attract new friends after moving or getting a better job? If those spells are not about control, then why is it so for love spells?

The answer to the last question for many people is because of morality. A lot of things go into what shapes a person's morality, and it can range from how they were raised, what communities they developed themselves in and are/were a part of, personal experiences and ponderings, and simple reactions things they might not have given much thought to beforehand.

Because your morality states that magic has a price does not make it so for everyone. Even if you did stumble on a belief that actually is a mechanic of how reality works for everyone, how would you possibly begin to know for sure what it is or that it is a universally valid mechanism?

We cannot claim to know anything beyond what we can prove with scientific method because we cannot isolate all of the variables that are involved with magical, spiritual, and/or religious practices. We can't measure something we cannot physically perceive and even then, the only sensations we get tied to magical practice are because our subconscious has manifested something in a manner that our conscious minds can actually comprehend. Because of this, we cannot experience anything in a truly raw form because we literally interpret everything we consciously experience.

Gengar, let me offer you some other viewpoints on love spells. Whether you take them into account is up to you and I do not claim they are universal truths.

A love spell can be as simple or as complicated as any other kind of working. The only real difference I feel is there is because of social stigma and media portrayal of fantastical claims magic can do. It's all fine and good for fiction, but that is not to be taken as actual magical knowledge - inspiration is another story entirely.

Love spells can be used to attract desired qualities in a person or to expand on feelings that are already there. Many people don't have an issue with asking for aid in love mundanely as well as magically. I find that it's really only the newbie/story fed crowd that buy into taking away someone's free will because of fear mongering feeding into itself. Many people also have fears of astrally projecting because they don't understand how to protect themselves or how the astral plane works if they do believe in it. Few people I know that do practice projection actually believe in the silver cord because their viewpoint doesn't allow for a spirit to actually leave the body as it isn't viewed as a container for a spirit - rather that it is one of many bodies (see subtle body theory for more on that). The entire point here is that viewpoints can be driven by fear, or they can be driven by something else. I believe that love doesn't have to be driven by fear.

If a person truly does not have feelings for someone else, they don't typically "sprout" feelings out of nowhere. There are workings to attract and divert or even alter perception of how someone sees or thinks of a person (though not physical illusions), and it's no different when it is applied to aid in love.

Some examples of magical aid in love that are often looked down on, but are technically still valid be the standard of "everything beyond physical reality and science is subjective and up to personal interpretation, experience, and understanding" are...

  • "Think of me"
  • Creating opportunities to speak with someone
  • Spice up an existing relationship or give aid to a lasting one
  • Personal oaths to one another (come on, what do you think vows are? That's a popular one and can be seen as a magical practice)
  • "Help us move past or deal with this obstacle"
  • Legitimately any consentually romantic endeavor in a mundane situation can be applied magically and we all know how well butting into other peoples lives and telling them what they can and can't do works out when all they're wanting to do is live their lives and they're not harming anyone.

The only way I could see someone being a "victim" of a love spell is if they expressly did not want to be in a relationship with someone and the other party tried to cast love workings/spells/rituals/whatever with their own interests in mind after knowing that. Because honestly? Even in an entirely mundane situation, that's just creepy. No means no, that's the end of that. What I'm talking about besides that, though? That's the majority of what "love spells" are when people refer to them.

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Re: 'Victims' of Love Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 7

right on eis

a little tl;dr but hits the nail on the head

lowkey I feel that spells are as effective as prayers. It can change a mindset or get you thinking about certain things that will help lead you to different conclusions, but we can't just get what we want all the time. There's a free will.

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Re: 'Victims' of Love Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 8

I honestly just don't think magick can force free will. Perhaps give someone a second wind by having that certain person look at them in a new light. But just based on how we present ourselves and reinvent ourselves that can be done. Maybe you make a bad first impression but after dusting yourself off and trying again they see something they like that they didn't see the first time around.

  • Honey Jars- Used to sweeten someone to you. Not force anything. Can be used for love, helping you land a job, you name it.
  • Kitchen Witchery- Certain foods might be used to, "spice" up the romance. But again, nobody is being forced in this situation. The expression, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" comes to mind.
  • Writing desired traits you wish to attract- Again, where is the force in this? We all wish for certain traits in a signifigant other. This is just a way of manifesting our desire.

So in general to conclude; magick to me, as I see it can't force free will. The reason being I believe it works with nature and not against it. By this I mean it is a subtle push, an aid of sorts. But how do you purpose you push that which is simply not there? Are you also going to conjure a burrito out of thin air while you're at it? I do however think it's creepy, disturbing, and wrong for those who think they can force free will in this area most especially and actively try to. If you think you can and are trying anyways...You do not love them as you are only considering your feelings.

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