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What is magick really?
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The way I see it from having been here a couple of years there are a few different kinds of people on here alone. Disregarding the frauds there are 2 main ones those that work hard for many years focusing on spiritual growth and content with small spells and changes in they everyday life, like good luck spells, money spells etc. Then there are the people who even on here would be seen as dreamers or unrealistic where they either think or hope that magick is like from the movies where it is overly dramatised.
The moderators of this site are is the first category and I have nothing against them but it feels very closed minded whereas the other group is the other extreme.
There is a lot that no one knows about magick and there are many times when all of us probably even question it's existence, since you can never completely believe in something you have never experienced even a little, which is why people prefer to look at the more dramatic from movies because that is what they want magick to be normally to improve their lives that are not as happy as everyone else's.
I feel that this is a very important topic that is worth discussing greatly.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I don't want to take up much more of your valuable time so I will finish on this, how do we know that magick is real and what can we do to make it more like how we imagine it?
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Re: What is magick really?
Post # 2
Ignorance is the lack of knowledge..
There's nothing supernatural in Magic-it's the normal order of things.
It was known to some elites for a particular reason-it was believed to get misused if it gets to the wrong hands
Look at this.. Astral realm is more real than the Earthly domain we leave in, Infact, Every single thing on earth was first produced on the astral(Imagination*thoughts) - What the astral reflects is what the earth is..
This should make you realize that this Earth is but a training field.. There's a higher realm where our souls belong, Remove the bodily cover and your soul leaves to it's real abode***

Every thing is magical.. But some secrets are restricted to some spheres of mundanes
All sciences and arts are actually occult teachings..
There are some aspect in science that are not know to You- The deep-in-the-ground aspects..
Down to a Tree..
It leaves...
The wind..
The oceans..
The animals..
The sun..
The moon..
The light..
The darkness..
Your abode..

Its all magical - you only lack eyes to see it
And.. If you continue to disbelief, you might never see the truth

Don't expect a being to exercise his/her powers before you before you believe..
Don't expect spells to prove your assertions..

How do you know Magic is real?
How do know you are real?
Cause you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there..

There aren't just two types of beings on this site..
There are fifteen types of beings on this site

1)The one who dabbles (at any cost) linto Magick for a particular type of gain
2)The one who dabbles (at any cost) into Magick to get attuned to his/her higher self
3)The one who looks for spells to make life better
4)The one who post spells either for recognition or to help
5)The enlightened who knows far and wide
6)The one who tries to suppress his ego by learning the secrets of occultism
7)The one who wants to be like other claimed spiritualist on this site
8)The one who doesn't believe in magic but intends to prove it's invalidity
9)The one who needs a Master/Teacher/friend for guidance
10)The one who comes to flirt,joke, fluff and kid around
11)The open minded
12)The seekers
13)The one who comes to learn for the fun of it
14) The near sage
15) And the demons

Don't look down on anyone..
And don't place anyone high above the ground..
Just focus on your self and don't let other people's opinions block your eyes to your path.
Magick can't be defined by just a person - A library bigger than earth houses a lot of magical knowledge in the subtle
Whether you choose to believe - That's your choice
Your freewill..

How do you know magic is real?
How do you know you are real?
Do you feel you are your body?

Find the spark in you and you will be enlightened..
You don't need to find magic to a far away place - It's within you, you just don't know to trigger it
No one knows it all..
No one knows it at all..
Buh.. A little drop makes an ocean - Respect the little anyone knows in magick.. That little can move the unseen
We are all lacking in different ways..
Buh.. We are all knowledgeable in many ways

I should keep mute now..
Others can help answer your question - my answers are a bit unrefined

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