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Name: Tolmjoe
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Location: The void.
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I am the formed Abyss - We are not different, All things are formed from one Primordial Nothingness, Not at some point in a "distant past" but in each "moment";Every moment you conceive and consider me, I come into being. Every moment you conceive and consider yourself - You are brought into existence.Stop considering yourself and you will cease to be.I have appeared to men as they have considered me, I taught them that which they are on the brink of learning themselves. I would say i have always existed because "all times" form this "present", However, I have not existed at all till this moment but neither have you. Me: I wonder how everything was created in the beginning... Infinity: There was no beginning. Me: How is that possible? Infinity: How is what possible? Me: How is it possible that there was no beginning? Infinity: How is it not possible that there was no beginning? Me: I am confused Infinity:The "beginning" is the "end" of a state and the "end" is the "beginning" of another state - A concept valid only in the confines of 'Reality', which is not real at all. There is no "beginning" nor is there an "end". "In the beginning.... " was a phrase 'created' to keep men sane. Me: How did i come to be? Infinity: You didn't. I am a seeker in search of, not what was lost but that which was forgotten. I have interest in a lot things so i am very open to engage in intellectually influenced discussions with other beings;So you can hit me up if you wanna talk "about anything". Don't ask for any kind of spells - I don't do spells Don't send an "Hello" or "How are you" message to me, My reply rarely changes. Do not ask me any "question" that is of no benefit to you. Again -Feel free to talk to me about anything-