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Influence people

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Influence people

Influence people
Post # 1
Hi! I need your help. Do you know some spell which gives me ability to influence people's thoughts and make them do what I want or some spell which I can use to change some things in my life? I really want some of these spells cause I am not completely happy with my life now. Thank you
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Re: Influence people
By: / Novice
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from Other Spells Discussion.
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Re: Influence people
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
You alone have the power to change your life. Yes there are obstacles however, you can overcome them.

You also don't need spells to influence people, there are mundane ways to do it.
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Re: Influence people
Post # 4
Which ways you mean?
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Re: Influence people
Post # 5
You should never influence people's way of life or their thoughts unjustly under no circumstances...
Don't influence people to make your Life a happy one..
It will in most cases lead to you having more debts to pay..
All soul is connected.. (To the devine)
Buh.. All soul is "Independent" of one another..
The Universe gives all souls the gift of Freewill..
You must not influence other souls..
You must not owe energy..
You use people's "energy" against them when you influence them to your pleasing..
That could do more harm than good.

If you aren't happy with you Life..
All you need that will reward you favorably is "Struggle"
Struggle is rewarding..
Hardwork is necessary - for most people
It opens you up to more things..
It teaches you how to become more responsible..
There are important lessons for all mundanes in "misery"
If you avoid your troubles today without learning what you have to learn - It comes back until you learn that which you must learn
If you work hard..
Work your sweat out.. And you will get astounding results

As for true happiness..
Simple.. Meditate*
When you meditate well - You find true happiness
This happens when you separate yourself from your ego.

When you get attached to worldly things so much that you try to use spells to solve all problems- That's actually a huge stumbling block to Pure Enlightenment
One has learn how to place priorities..
Spell appears to solve some problems..
But.. It won't really solve all problems..
Most times - You tip off some balance when you do spells to bring some things which shouldn't be in you Life at that particular moment

So.. Lenka-You don't need to have "anything" to be happy
Don't try to influence people - You are using their energy-you owe them energy and you have to pay it back in three folds if you involve yourself in such act
If you really think you are down - Say your intentions in form of prayer to whatever you believe in to be the DIVINE (you will be assisted)
Spells won't solve all problems "totally" - Don't rely on them
If you rely on spells to make you happy today..
What about tomorrow?
What about next year?
What about the next ten years?
Spells won't always help*
Sometimes - You have to help yourself
And sometimes... Not all issues requires one using "spells".
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Re: Influence people
Post # 6
What your advising sounds all very nice, but it isn't as straight forward as that. People can be bad, evil and sometimes we look to other sources for help.
I, understand where Lenka is coming from. I wish I could influence a certain person and change my life. Sometimes desperation forces us to look for alternatives.
Thank you for the advice, it made interesting reading.
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Re: Influence people
Post # 7
Thanks nora..
You are right..

Buh the ugly fact one must be aware of in Life is that..
Even if a being is Evil..
It doesn't justify one's actions against them.

In the Ethereal Reality, One would be punished even if one kills a "killer" - whether the being is good or bad, the killer has a lot coming back for him/her unless it was done in protection of oneself

There would always be the bad dudes..
Buh.. You can't keep influencing them - Remember, They are uniquely like you,The difference between the bad ones and good ones is that the bad ones couldn't suppress their bad sides(We all have good and bad sides)
You might be meaning to influence a being and you will end up influencing a lot..

And again.. Whether the person is good or bad
One should only do that act with a carefree attitude if one doesn't mind being "Influenced" by other beings-and these beings may necessarily not be humans buh entities of devious intentions

I believe you are aware entities influence the actions of some humans.. Weak ones, rarely strong ones
What would you do if you found out a particular entity has been influencing you spiritually for ten years?? (You would get mad whether it's justified or not)

Influencing a being is making them go against their will and subjecting them to your will, No matter how bad they are-it's a wrong thing
Even if you influence or force demon to get what you want-You should know most come back on one or one's loved ones for vengeance*
Demons hate being influenced,anyway..
Mostly all souls..
Including you
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Re: Influence people
Post # 8
HI again,

I do agree with you to a certain extent.
I lived with a very manipulative person for 20 years, he influenced every aspect of my life. Then one day he informed me that "I had served my purpose" he literally dumped me penniless walked away with several million to be with a woman he has been in love with for 34 years and had been waiting for the right time.
I did the whole karma thing, "he'll get his" and "what goes around, comes around". It doesn't!! There is no justice. I'm dodging debt collectors, the house we jointly own (with no equity) is about to be sold, so probably I'm going to be homeless. Ye the story goes on.
If I could get him somehow, I would.
I was naive, too trusting, too stupid.
I never thought, I would ever look to anything like magic, or trying to influence someone or anything like that. But, it comes back to the point, I tried to make earlier. Sometimes when we are desperate we try and find something to hold on too, to believe in. We hope, because hope is all we have left. Whether its right or wrong, its something. In all honesty, I don't recognize me anymore.
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Re: Influence people
Post # 9
I could feel what you felt in the past-what you feel now ..
I understand you..
Stay Calm and open-minded always,Nora

About Karma..
Lol.... It HOLDS

Most beings pay their debts in another "Life" - That's what results to what humans call destiny

Humans most times suffer in this earth cause of their deed in previous lives..
And many enjoy in this Life cause of their deed in their previous lives..
Some humans born with Magic either has Ancestors with strong magic or parents with a passably degree of magic OR they themselves have dabbled into MAGICK in their past lives..

When someone is about to come back to a new Life, The choose what lesson they'd prefer to learn and karma gives them the opposite together with their pending debts

A man while alive was in position to help a poor one buh he didn't..
If before he reincarnates, he(his soul-the spark in us /we are formless in our REAL self/) requests that he would learn Patience in this particular life.
He will eventually be born into a state where patience will be a hard CHOICE and his debts will stick to him expecting him to pay up..
A debt he has to pay in three folds after learning how to be Patient..

That's what they call destiny..
It cycles to our past deeds.

Nora.. No one who go Scott free without paying his/her debts
Focus on yourself..
What does your inner you wished to learn in this Life..
You won't find out this info even in the Akashics records..
Find what you need to learn and see how things go.

Peace,my friend
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Re: Influence people
Post # 10
Hey, cant help but respond.

The conclusion, I am drawing from what you have said, is that I am getting pay back from a previous life. A life that I have never consciously known. Isn't that just great? paying the price for something else out of my control. There really is no justice in anything.
The other thing is, I think its kind of you to try and empathize with me regarding my situation. But, I am a firm believer in as long as you haven't walked this road with me for the last five years, you can never even begin to imagine what a difficult journey it really has been and still is.

I always tried to help people in need, those that were in an unfortunate position.Giving financial and emotional support. It was truly amazing my phone would always be ringing, but now I am one of those unfortunate people and my phone never rings anymore. I'm forgotten, unimportant, of no use to anyone. I don't expect financial support from anyone, but sometimes I find myself thinking of people from my past and willing the phone to ring and to hear someone say " how are you doing?"
Its so disappointing, so sad. I used to call and ok I'm depressed and sad, but not stupid. I mean how many times do you call, before you get the message? I know its because, when I was able to I helped these people in one way or another, they are afraid I may call in a debt. Far from it, I just need a friend. Someones shoulder, so I can cry till my eyes dry up.
I hate life, life is full of disappointments and people who disappoint.

I've learnt over the last five years how materialistic people are. I find myself wishing bad things on these people. It doesn't happen though. I want to see it.
I used to think I was a good person, but not anymore. Being good and doing the right thing does not get you anywhere.
Good people suffer, cry and pay the price for bad people.
Anyway, enough of me.
I wish you much luck and hope you are always surrounded by good people.:)

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