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I'm Z and here's a little about me
1 I'm a Gemini
2 I believe in magic even though I haven't been able to cast any spells so I would love a teacher
3 I want to be able to find out why I am trying to learn magic
4 I am 14 years old
5 I want to be able to summon a wolf(aka my favorite animal)
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Re: Hi
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
2) Not many will teach as it raises legal issues for the teacher.
3) That is something you need to figure out on your own.
5) you cannot summon a physical animal. You might be able to summon a spiritual creature.

As for learning magic, my advice: Learn what magic really is, learn how it works, learn what it can and cannot do.

Skills: meditation, energy work, visualization, grounding, centering, and many more.

Books: Modern Magic by Kraig is good. As are some of Raymond Buckland's books, Scott Cunningham's and a few others.

Avoid: Silver Ravenwolf, EE Koeting, DJ Conway
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Re: Hi
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Hello and welcome to Spells of Magic!

To further elaborate on NordStar's excellent points:

Though magick/witchcraft can be done without religion and in many instances by itself is not considered a religion since you can practice with no god it still violates your parents religious rights. The reason being if it goes against their religion or religious beliefs. That is why it is still counted as, "teaching a religion".

The path you take will be different than everyone else in one way or another. Your journey is unique and special to you and for you. That being said, it is more about the journey than the destination. It sounds corney but it very much true. The experiences you will have may well enrich your life. No matter how much you know or learn there will always be more. Even the most knowledgable and experiences recap what they know and continue to learn and grow each day.

You cannot physically summon things period. As in making things appear out of nowhere does not happen. Summoning is usually done for spirits, deities, demons, and so forth. Many have a spirit animal a lot of which are wolves, foxes, and other animals as well. But they are spirits, not physical animals. If you want a real wolf I would suggest talking to your parents about getting a husky since when it comes to dog breeds they most closely resemble wolves. I would not recomend wolf dogs as they can be more rambunctious, tear up your house, need constant attention, and when frightened attack. They don't mean to hurt necessiarily, just out of instinct. The problem being since they are part wolf it has actually send people to the hospital since they are stronger than full dogs.

For books:

Donald Michael Kraig

Raymond Buckland

Scott Cunningham

Aleister Crowley

Dion Fortune







Energy Manupilation


The reason I add corrospondences is because with spell work it is handy to have an idea of what to use and how to use it. To know what kinda herbs to use for an attraction working. What sort of stones to use for a money spell. What day of the week or moon phase might be best for this ritual. There are so many and not everyone follows all of them mind you. For Norse practitioners many of them work with runes as an example and memorize the meanings of different ones. Then use them in divination or spellwork. Scott Cunningham has an herb encyclepedia I would highly recomend. Donald Michael Kraig's Modern Magick is also a wonderful book I have been reading myself and would highly recomend. It has a lot of basic things in it including tarot, a neat spread, and some history on the tarot.

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