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Infusing oil.
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I thought I should share my knowledge on how to infuse oil with your favorite herbs.
Note: This is not a replacement for pure essential oil, but more of an essential oil dilute.
The product you make is an oil base with the medicinal and magical properties of the herb itself. This oil can be used for anointing, charging under the full moon, making salves, and for whatever purpose in which you may need a milder form of oil.

You will need:
~A jar (preferably glass but if your clumsy like me, a clear plastic jar will suffice)
~Your choice of a base oil (i.e. coconut, olive, sunflower, or something you can trace to a specific source, unlike canola or vegetable oil.) I used a blend of coconut, sunflower, and olive oil
~Your choice of DRIED herbs; you can create your own blend, or single one out.
~Clear quartz, shards or points (Optional for charging)

1.) Fill the jar about halfway with your herbs of choice. I suggest that the herbs are cut or crumbled for a more effective infusion.
2.) Fill the jar the rest of the way (or just enough to cover the herbs with an inch difference)
3.) Place the jar in a safe place that is not to cold. You don't want the oil to solidify. (especially if you chose to use, or a blend including +40%, coconut oil) This slows, and even stops the infusing process. If it does solidify, just place it on your bathroom counter the next time you take a shower to gently melt the oil once again, then chose a warmer place to store the oil.
4.) Wait 4-5 weeks for the oil to naturally infuse, then strain the oil of the herbs, squeezing them to get every last drop of that amazing oil you've just created.
5.) Shake well, and if you choose, place a quartz crystal in the jar and place it in a window under the full moon to charge overnight.

A quicker way to do this if you are a little impatient is to place the open jar into a pot of simmering (NOT boiling) water. You don't want to cook the herbs because then the oil is useless and ruined. Keep the water just under a boil, with not too much steam. Too much steam and you'll end up with water in your oil and we all know that oil and water don't mix. Leave the jar in the hot water for 3 to 5 hours and check on it every now and then to make sure you're not cooking the herbs, the pot has enough water, and too much steam is not collecting inside the jar. This method makes using fresh herbs possible, whereas storing fresh herbs in a jar for 5 weeks will cause a nasty, stinky mess.

Blessed be, and may the Great Spirit smile upon you.
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Re: Infusing oil.
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