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Scallop Love Talisman

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Scallop Love Talisman
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Scallop Love Talisman
Post # 1
~ A charm to call upon Aphrodite to call forth a new lover ~
What you need:
  • A pair of pink scallop shells
  • Lavender
  • Red rose petals
  • Paper and a pen with pink ink
  • Sea salt
  • Five white tea lights
  • Bowl, libation, and chocolate
  • Clear super glue
  • Instructions:

    I. Write a list of what kind of person you would like as a lover with the pen and paper. Fold the paper towards you, then turn clockwise and fold again. Do this until you have no more room to fold. As you do this say this as you focus on your lover:

    Love come to me!

    II. Gather your herbs and grind them in your mortar and pestle in a clockwise fashion. As you do that remember to focus on your future lover and recite the previous words over and over again. Do this until you feel you are done.

    III. Now prepare your shell and put your herbs and paper inside of it. Get your super glue and gently smear the it across the bottom edges of the shell. When ready place the top part of the shell on the bottom. As it is drying put it in your power hand and imagine your wish coming true. While this is happening chant the same words over and over again until you feel ready to move on to the next step.

    IV. Draw a pentacle with the sea salt and place a tea light in each corner. Remember to charge the tea lights with your intention prior to this ritual and cleanse it if you feel the need to. Now place the talisman in the middle of the pentacle and say this prayer:

    O Aphrodite, queen of beauty and love, please I ask of you to place your power inside this talisman. May this charm attract the person of who I desire and please bless this relationship to begin and if necessary, end peacefully. Let this love be as passionate as how I and my new lover want it to be.

    V. After that announce your offerings and pour your libation into your bowl and place the chocolate next to it. Remember to bury the offerings after the ritual is done.

    VI. Light the candles and let them burn all the way down and then you are done. If you are having some difficulties don't be afraid to blow them out if needed, just say the prayer over again and everything will be fine. As you light your candles remember to finish it off by saying this with each one:

    Love come to me!

    VII. When the ritual is over always carry the talisman with you when you are out. When you are inside keep it by you at all times. Bury it somewhere safe when your lover manifest into your life and the deed is done.

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