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bible-thumping witches?

Forums ► Other Paths ► bible-thumping witches?
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bible-thumping witches?
Post # 1
wondering what other witches, occultists, etc. think of the bible, and god.

I'm particularly interested in people who practice or study magic and who believe in heaven and hell, who do not worship other gods, or who follow the commandments.

I would love to hear from some of you but please remember to be respectful on this thread

Re: bible-thumping witches?
Post # 2
I believe there are higher beings out there but I am quite skeptical. Since I don't know I just try to combine all beliefs and be a good person. By my guess most witches believe there is a higher power because most have drawn power from somewhere and some even draw power from the universe itself it's really controversial.

Re: bible-thumping witches?
Post # 3

I don't personally believe the Bible is true, nor do I worship deities. However, I have no problem with people who do.

ChristWicca might be a good person to talk to about it, if you're interested in how Christianity and magick works together.

Re: bible-thumping witches?
Post # 4
Personally, as long as others are nice to you, and respectful, then it shouldn't really matter what they practice.

Re: bible-thumping witches?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I personally don't believe in the Bible as the word of God or in the Christian god. I'm a Pagan. However, I have met some people who have mixed Wicca and Christianity. I even read a book on the topic that was fascinating even if it isn't my cup of tea. It was called "The Path of a Christian Witch" by Adelina St. Clair. You might want to look into it.

Re: bible-thumping witches?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

As a Witch, I love the bible because of the Psalms, which are very useful in a lot of Witchcraft.
As a Witch, I enjoy Christianity because - the Judaic Faiths essentially gave us a lot of Magic - Ceremonial, Folk Magic etc all grown from Mixtures of the Judaic Faiths and a regional belief systems.

As a person, It's just a religion like any others - everyone got something to say, everyone got something to believe in (Atheism being the Belief that there is No Higher Power)

What works for you, works for you - ain't my business.

Re: bible-thumping witches?
Post # 7
I do not particularly care for the Fundamental Christians but that is my opinion

Re: bible-thumping witches?
Post # 8
I grew up in a christan family before finding my own path. I still believe there is a heaven, a hell, a purgatory, and that demons are in fact a thing. But more than that, i think that its good to take many teachings to heart.
The ten commandments for example, are a very good base on what is right or wrong. Including the bit about false idols. Even with the personal belief that dieties exist, plural, you do have to keep in mind and heart that with whatever tools you are using, you are worshipping them, and not the objects or the craft.
I also personally take loving others, forgiveness, loyalty, and giving nature very seriously. sometimes to a fault that kicks me in the butt later. But to me, it always feels like it gets repaid better later. Even if my better payment comes after death.
When i still went to a church, my old youth pastor taught us that to love god was to carry out his wishes and requests in our lives. And putting those together, i love people because i love my Gods.
And any god who doesnt want us to genuinely care selflessly, is not a god worth following in my eyes.
I dont go to church or read the bible. I didnt even read it when i told people i was christian that much to tell the truth. But flecks of truth and wisdom are found everywhere.
Ive even been told by other christians [three seperate times by three seperate people] that i tend to act in a way more like how they think of the prophet/son Jesus than anyone they know or that they ever could and get confused by it since im pagan. Its flattering i suppose...
Anyway im trailing off into random subject matter. But thats my three cents. :)

Re: bible-thumping witches?
Post # 9
There's an entire market for books on the use of the Bible in magic(k). It's mainly aimed at practitioners of voodoo/vodou and hoodoo. Personally I use it in my practice. But everyone is different.

Bible -Thumping Witches?
Post # 10

The Bible

I do not take the bible to be accurate, word for word. I do believe that the bible has knowledge contained within that is able to aid an individual with a wide variety of aspects. Take the Ten Commandments for example. The Bible is blatantly telling you what to do and what not to do. Not that this is exactly a bad thing, it's just been taken out of context over the course of the centuries. The world could be seen as a better place if there was no lust, greed, or adultery, and honouring your mother and father and recognising the sabbath day. Taking the Ten Commandments to heart is a recipe for disaster. Taking the bible as a whole to heart is a recipe for disaster. One you'd drive yourself mad if you tried to follow the instructions of every verse, and two you would drive everyone else crazy.


Before you ask, comment, opinionate, God and Yaweh are more-or-less one in the same. You all know who God is, but Yaweh is the national god of Israel and Judah. I find the idea of a white haired and thick bearded sage sitting on a cloud in the skies to be completely ludicrous, however I do believe that God is omnipresent and that he does listen to those who speak to him. If you speak enough and if you take the time to listen and really hear, you might receive divine guidance from him. When I say listen and hear, I mean take a step back, analyse the situation at hand, and see if you're missing something. If you find what was missing, it could be the work of divine guidance, or it could just be you finally figuring something out on your own.

I think that the concept of god raises more questions than answers. I've thought about God and The Bible almost every day for the last decade and a half, right alongside my thought processes of polytheism. I attempt the follow the Ten Commandments as closely as I can, and that is for my own personal satisfaction. It brings a certain level of satisfaction when I fulfill these commandments. We live in a world of greed, lust, and adultery, so when I do not commit these sins, or even think of committing them, I feel I am in God's light and his favour so long as I follow his Commandments.

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