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casting circle & insense
Post # 1
Hi i have some questions about casting a circle and insense.

Casting a circle;
1. Do I have to have candles of the element colors? (Blue,brown etc.) or does white work?

2. Is elemental color on the candle more effective than white?

3. Is it 4 candles I need? North west east south? Or candles to be a full circle?

4. Do I light the insense in the circle or outside?

5. When I am going to end the circle can I blow off the candle or do I have to have a object to turn it off?


1. i bought lavender insense and what can I use it for in my rituals?

2. In the circle should I let the insense burn
Until it's nothing left or blow it off when I'm done?

3. When I'm done with my circle and lighted the insense can I leave the circle or do I have to be there until the insense is done and does the Candles have to be on or can I turn them off and just let the insense be on?

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Re: casting circle & insense
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I got stuck on this when I first started, I'll answer each bit in the same order you asked.

1. Use any candle colour you like, if you want to use candles that is.
2. It doesn't matter it's colour.
3. Some people do 4 Points, some do 5, I do 3. So, up to you entirely.
4. Where you want to, some like having the incense inside the circle, some like to burn it outside, but most I have heard and done myself is inside the circle.
5. Blow it out, snuff it with a candle snuffer, it's up to you.

1. Lavender is generally good for Psychic Enhancement, Attracting Men and Women, Luck, Purification, Spiritual Aspects etc.
2. However you like, since incense doesn't burn long, leave it till it's done, but, if your rite finishes before the incense burns out - put it out, you can reuse it.
3. Generally speaking, if you're going to use Candles in a Circle, you light them as you call each of the Spirits/Elements/Powers etc to your aid, to signify that they have arrived or that this is where they are meant to be. And then you blow them out at the end as you farewell each of the Powers that you called to your aid, Do you have to remain in the circle for the whole rite? Yes, however, if say an emergency happens or the phone rings etc - it is polite to let the powers that you have called know that you have to move away for a bit and always nice to bring them back a little offering for their patience (Added to what offering you're already giving them)
You don't have to wait for everything to go out, as I mentioned before.

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Re: casting circle & insense
Post # 3
Weatherwax's answer is very thorough, so I'll just expound on some of the practical aspects.

The specifics of the circle casting are all up to your preference. The focus and energy that brings the circle into existence comes from YOU in the first place.

Candles are, first and foremost, a mnemonic device for your unconscious mind. By practicing with them, you are training your mind to perform the function of opening the circle.
Some people prefer coloured candles as an aide to remember the elements in their proper places, but plain white will do the same job as long as they evoke the same feeling in you, the caster.

Doubtless, with practice, you will reach a point where you are able to muster than energy following the same steps, with no candles at all.
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