Dream Meaning Burning Hou

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Dream Meaning Burning Hou
Post # 1
Last night I had this eerie dream and would love some type of interpretation and will sum it up. So I was in a house that I knew was mine but is actually my house. Some guy put it on fire and I can't really remember why but I know he was important to me even though I've never seen him before. Anyways I was in the house burning but I wasn't. In the dream I felt like I lost a piece of me . Idk it's weird because I looked at the house and wondered why he wanted to kill me but still wondered how I was in the house but not I house. Soon after that I was standing somewhere with a torn apart and dead rose in my hand. Then the rose started to revive itself. It grew its missing stem and petals. Then I woke up right before my alarm clock went off.
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Re: Dream Meaning Burning Hou
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well there's a few confusing sentences there, but i'll try my best to help.

a house is typically seen as yourself, and each room a different personality or aspect of your life/psyche. the state of the house can also determine your current state. the fire can also have several meanings. a person you feel you know set your house on fire with you inside, this could represent fires of passion, it could also mean there's a person who has 'burned you' or leaves you feeling 'burned out'. fire has several meanings, depending on the whole dream. it could also mean your old life is ending and a new life will grow from the ashes. you might meet someone who will change your world, or you're in the process of becoming someone new.

the rose as well, this could speak of a lost loved one [be it death or a break up] or it could also denote transformation as it is dead but returns to life. so you could be going through change soon, your once held believes, likes, dislikes, even friends and family, might be seen in a different light soon. you might be looking at new paths to take in life and in the process, old views will change.
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Re: Dream Meaning Burning Hou
Post # 3
Sorry lol, I was in a rush and didn't re-read. Thank you though I tried to decode it myself and figured that it meant the old me was dying and that I was being reborn again. Thank you!
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