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TransmutationCandle Spell
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Hey all,

Just thought I'd share a simple but very effective spell utilizing a Black candle, some veggie/olive oil and some fresh Rosemary herb to remove negative energy between you and another person, situation, etc. I used this spell to remove some unexplainable nervousness I felt around a manager of mine, and it worked absolute wonders.

1 Black taper candle
Veggie/Olive oil
Fresh, finely chopped Rosemary
Small carving tool

- To be cast during the Waning Moon -

You may cast this spell however your intuition calls for you to do, but this is how I was guided to cast my spell. I started out by carving upward from the bottom the (first) name of the individual on one side of the candle, then in the same fashion my own (first) name on the opposite side of the candle. I held the Rosemary needles and charged them with the intention to bring easiness and comfortability between me and said person. Then I held the candle in both hands and charged it with the intention, because of its black color thus its ability to transmute energy, to transmute the negative energy (in my case nervousness) into positive energy (in my case comfortability). I chopped the Rosemary into fine pieces, as fine as I could get them. Once I felt each thing was properly charged I took a small dab of veggie oil (really you can use whatever oil you have on hand for this; it's just to adhere the Rosemary to the candle) and I anointed the candle from the center and moving toward the wick of the candle, then from the center and to the bottom. Once the candle was anointed well, I rolled it through the Rosemary trying to get as much of the Rosemary to cover the candle as I could. Then I took a lighter to the end of the candle and melted the wax just a little so I could adhere it to stand up on a small piece of paper towel (so I could keep the wax and Rosemary from getting everywhere at the end of burning), however I suggest using a small dish or other non-flammable, mobile surface.

I sat with it for a minute, took a breath in, released it along with the negative energy, and said this spell after each breath for 3 full breaths:
"Uneasiness remove
Comfortability improve"

This incantation was specific to my intention so please reword it to fit your personal intention. Light the wick, and let the candle burn all the way down. If it naturally goes out on its own, I would suggest not to relight it and to consider it as the Universe's way of saying your spell is complete there. Once it is finished burning, take the remains ? what you can get of them ? and bury them as far from your home as possible. After that your spell is complete. Try your very best not to look back on or "edit" your spell after casting; it diminishes the power of your spell and calls back the spell's energy, delaying it and/or causing its failure altogether. Let it go and trust that it is working.

Happy casting. :)
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Re: TransmutationCandle Spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
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