How does one believe?

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Forums -> General Info -> How does one believe?

How does one believe?
Post # 1
Believing can be hard and it is what blocks every person that attempts to perform a spell, and even if the individual that stops right after the first failed attempt, those who try 2-5 times with no success usually quit to with no results. When we Doubt something, we give it power an believe less.

For me, I was constantly told as a child that Magïck was not real, so I have trouble to believe. If someone could help me learn on how to truly believe something, such as a spell, that would be Great.

Thank you.
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Re: How does one believe?
Post # 2
Believing is a powerful thing. It can be hard when you first start out, but as you go on it gets harder to doubt yourself. Nobody can help you believe, you must find the will to believe in yourself first.
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Re: How does one believe?
Post # 3
First of all I feel you're a beginner infact quite new so you should read articles/books, watch videos on what is magick and how it works. Of course transformation spells don't exist and aren't real. It's all fantasy. You can change your DNA into a mythical creature. What you need to learn is what to believe and what not and that will only happen when you learn the actual meaning of magick.

Talking about a spell- No spell would work if you don't fully believe in what you're doing. Since you don't believe in magick and don't know the real meaning. Spell casting should be kept aside for awhile.
Hope this helped you out
Good luck!!
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Re: How does one believe?
Post # 4

Believing is similar like love. It's fragile and it needs some kindofa little spark to turn it on. Some need evidence and some need hope so they believe in something greater than them. It is something that gives people a feeling of compassion and that feeling that something invisible and greater is holding your hand while you're walking in to the fire and you feel safe. You yust need to find out about what you feel like that. Just remember that beliefe doesn't ask much. It is like creating a spark of fire above of dry wood and flamabel liquids. You will maybe need some time but you will get there if you want to.

Hope I helped! ;) ;)

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Re: How does one believe?
Post # 5
Terry Goodkinds Sword of Truth books have a set of wizards rules. The first is "People will believe anything either because they want it to be true or they are afraid it might be true." This is great wisdom. Just because you believe in something don't make it true. Just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it's not real. Good old common sense goes a long way! If you didn't believe it would work you would never have tried it. But if you tried it and it don't work it's probably not going to work no matter how much you believe.
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