Dark soul, white magic

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Dark soul, white magic
Post # 1
About two years ago, I had went to my local metaphysical shop and I was speaking with the owner about a protection spell I wanted to do for my niece bc of the all the hardships surrounding her (she was only 8 years old at the time and dealing with things an 8 year old shouldn't have to deal with). The owner had told me it's great that I want to do this for my niece but bc my soul has so much darkness surrounding it, that it could be very difficult for me to perform "something good". But I still tried and it was very difficult. I had to keep stopping bc even though I was doing this for someone whom I love and care so deeply for and it was for all the right didn't feel right, as though there were a part of me missing from it all and I would get frustrated over that feeling. In the end, (2 years later) things seem like they're better, but I can still see the unhappiness in her eyes. I want to help her, I know that in her eyes I'm the light in her world..It's always been that way, that's what our relationship has been like since the day she was born. I'd like to introduce her to Wicca, but I don't want her to end up like me.
I guess what I'm asking is if there's a way to come back from all the darkness for the purpose of one good thing Or a way to use both black and white separately, to not have different energies get "mixed up"? I still feel like I haven't explained things just right, but hopefully someone will understand.
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Re: Dark soul, white magic
By: / Novice
Post # 2

There is no such thing as black and white magick, magick is simply magick, it is only the intent behind it that can alter its perceived colour.

You probably had difficulty the last time, because she told you, that you would have difficulty, much like if someone tells you that you can't draw and cat and because you are thinking about the possibility that you can't do it, you end up not being able to, like a self fullfilling prophesy.

I would be wary of introducing someone so young to a relgion that may be against her parents wishes, it is probably best to talk to them first before proceeding to introduce her.

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Re: Dark soul, white magic
Post # 3
This makes a lot of sense. Maybe the shop owner told me this so I would be a repeat customer. Which I haven't been to that shop since that day. As far as introducing my niece into this, she already knows that I have a different religion. She's even given me trinkets to decorate my altar with. Her mother, my sister, also knows but I don't know her feelings on the subject as a whole. She has though, in the past, accepted my help with some of her more personal issues and still holds on to a talisman I had made for her, which was for her protection and has worked pretty well. But I definitely see where I should have a sit down conversation with her about introducing my niece into this. For all I know, she may take it all as a joke. Thank you for the insight!
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