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Spirit Dreamer Intro
Post # 1
Eclectic Witchling Wannabe, Female, 43, Mother, Cherokee Turtle Clan Member, Certified Foot Reflexologist, Bipolar Disorder Advocate
I've studied metaphysical topics since about the age of 9. I started having spontaneous OOBEs at age 12 & was18 before I learned what was happening & that it had a name. From that point, into my early 30s, I studied various metaphysical topics such as: OOBEs, Astral Planes and Travel, Angels, Reincarnation, Meditation, Holistic Healing, Chakras, Herbs/Flowers/Orchard, Essential Oils, Gemstones, Crystal Healing, Tarot, Runes, Palmistry, Dowsing, Pendulum Divination, Spirit/Totem Animals, Medicine Wheel & Astrology. Mastered none, but knowledgeable about most. I slacked off on my studies in my early 30s because of parental responsibilities & lack of time.
I had to leave my teaching career due to a disability. Now, I have time to pick up where I left off. In addition to getting my feet wet with metaphysical topics again, I've become interested in how those easily integrate with witchcraft. I really like holistic approaches to health concerns (with some Western Medicine) & have always been a fan of creative visualization, positive thinking & sending intents out to the universe. Also, I've lived in the Appalachian Mtn. region all my life with the exception of 4 years during my early 20s. So, nature has always been a focus and constant for me.
So, for the past 3 months I've been obsessed with researching witchcraft. Because of the correspondences with many other topics that have interested me, for decades, I've come to realize that witchcraft feels like a natural fit for me. It feels like I've found the missing part that ties all my previous interests/studies together. I'm really excited about this realization & I'm very serious about learning the different facets of witchcraft & eventually, when ready, practicing it.

Thanks for reading. I hope to make friends and learn a lot here.

Spirit Dreamer
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Re: Spirit Dreamer Intro
Post # 2
Welcome to the site Spirit Dreamer! It seems you're in the spirit round from very young age... May you find whatever you seeking and learn anything new you desire.
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Re: Spirit Dreamer Intro
Post # 3
Thank you for welcoming me. Your words mean a lot. I know I'm going to learn a lot here. Probably more authentic information than I can get from online research.

I just hope that I can give back to the community and be helpful to others in some way. I'm so new that I'm afraid I can't really advise anything as far as Magick is concerned. But, I think I have a lot of good questions to ask, so maybe the answers from other members will help more members than just me.

I'm kinda limited to only being able to discuss the metaphysical topics listed in my intro. Perhaps I can help others who need I formation about those topics. What questions I can't answer on my own, I can research and offer the info that I find on those topics.

Anyway...thank you for reaching out to me and making me feel welcome.
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Re: Spirit Dreamer Intro
Post # 4
Greetings, I am Gwenivere53 I liked your post and thought since we had so many things in commen hat we might greet each other as friends. I live in the mountains of lovely South Carolina near the Ga Nc lines walking distance from where they filmed "Delervince" back in the 70's . In our area there many strong ley lines and magic working with gemstones and crystals is something I have always felt and used to better myself and heal others. I always enjoy meeting another "rock hound" and Wiccen to boot. My bestie is very much like me and absorbes info like a laptop! I too also suffer from Bi-polar disorder have since very young. I have some forsight and at home deep in the woods ,critters and all. the rivers sing to me and the trees dance in the wind with joy. Life is wonderful! Welcome to our website. Brightest Blessings, Gwenivere53
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