Introduction to Magic

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Introduction to Magic
Post # 1
I wanted to come here and describe my experience with magic.
I first started practicing magic when I was maybe 15. I wanted to get people to like me. That's why a lot of people start learning magic.

As I got older I learned magic is about building something in my mind. The first magic I learned is finding parking spots and catching green lights. While I could more easily find empty parking spaces, hit more green lights in a row and do some boring things, I still had trouble finding someone to be my friend and finding someone to date me.

Around 21 I got serious about doing magic, so every chance I got I built up an image of the person I want to spend time with. Within 2 months I met an amazing woman and we've been together for a long time. Using the same method I got a job, got promoted and started living independently.

If people are interested in studying magic, there are a few things that you can try.

Magic depends on mental constructions allowing you to either notice things that you normally overlook, or recognize things faster. So it's important to regularly use your imagination.

step 1. maintain an imaginary item in your room or house. I have a floating ball, but you can have a statue, a shelf, a book, a box. Maintaining your imaginary object reinforces the realism of imagined items and demonstrates the importance of continued focus.

step 2. determine a clear outcome. This one is more difficult. Create a rough idea and test different attributes. When I wanted a girlfriend, I pretended that I had one. I made time for my girlfriend, I bought her presents, and I pretended that she slept next to me at night. Those were the things that I continued imagining on a regular basis. I started off thinking I wanted a girlfriend who was a particular height and age, but it didn't feel important.

Step 3. Release a complete idea. After figuring out what you want, and holding on to it (something that get's easier because you've been practicing), it's important to release it. You can see it walk out the door, you can make it smaller, you can create a symbolic ritual with an alter, or you can write what you want on a piece of paper and get rid of it. The important thing is to let go of it. This makes room for what you want. If you keep holding on to the image, you will feel comfortable with what you have.

Reply with your practice and results. What is your imagined object? What are you working on making? How do you let go of your imagination?
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Re: Introduction to Magic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Introduce Yourself.
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Re: Introduction to Magic
Post # 3
Thank you for moving it. After I made it, I noticed this section would be perfect and came to ask how to move it.
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