need help justice spell

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> need help justice spell

need help justice spell
Post # 1

I need a extremely strong spell for justice I was with a man that physically, mentally and sexually assaulted me repeatedly. The authority have really done nothing to help other than make me feel like I am a liar and this man and his lawyer just keeps getting the dates put off month after month. I am not the only one he has done this to as I have found out but I am the only one that had guts enough to stand up to him and report it. He has now moved on to the next victim so this man needs to be brought to justice and be held accountable for what he has done. Please help me!
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Re: need help justice spell
Post # 2
been there and done that but looks like justice system going to plea him out so hoping for a little help from higher ups
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Re: need help justice spell
By: / Novice
Post # 3

By "higher up's" I assume you are talking about God(s)/Goddess(es), which is by no means a requirement of magick.

What you can do is a good luck spell for legal matters, but that will not solve anything alone. Magick is an aid to daily life, it is not a solution, the authorities need to be involved again for anything to come of it.

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Re: need help justice spell
Post # 4
yes I do understand that and yes I do mean the gods and goddess and that is a good idea for the good luck spell thank you
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Re: need help justice spell
Post # 5
You should follow up with your local law enforcement department, and see what you can do to seek charges in your case, and speack to the detective on your case as well if not ask to speak with their Sergeant or lieutenant and make a complaint on the officers
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Re: need help justice spell
By: / Novice
Post # 6

- Legal Justice -

The following work(s) will help to sweeten and heat up ( get things moving ), protect you, and dominate your court adversary.

  • Ingredients/Items:
  1. Green Pillar Candle
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Seven Needles
  4. Oils ( OPTIONAL : Can be any variety of legal luck/justice oil )
  5. Brown Paper Bag
  6. Green Pen
  7. Florida Water
  8. Urine
  9. Green Flanel Bag
  10. Marigold
  11. High John the Conqueror Root
  12. Red Brick Dust (Court House)
  13. ( Alternative ) Dirt from the Courthouse ( if it has no red brick dust to be collected )

- Candle Work -

  • What You Need:
  1. Green Pillar Candle
  2. Petition
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Legal Oils and Domination Oils ( Optional )
  5. Needles
  • Steps:
  1. Dress the pillar candle from top to bottom with florida water and oils.
  2. Divide the candle into seven, equal sections by inserting the needles into the candle, with a needle at the top or bottom.
  3. Craft a petition ( I will describe the process specifically for this case below ) and place it below the candle.
  4. Burn the candle one section at a time over seven days. Start on Thursday.
  5. Collect the needles as they fall out.
  6. When you have finished the burn, burn your petition and collect the ashes.
  7. Place these in a mojobag ( feeding and crafting described below ).
  8. Wear this mojobag in court.

-Crafting a Petition-

  • What you need:
  1. Brown Paper Bag
  2. Green Pen
  3. Florida Water
  4. Legal Oils ( Optiona l)
  • Steps:
  1. Rip a relatively large square.
  2. Write your adversaries name seven times.
  3. Turn the paper ninety degrees and write your name seven times over the other names.
  4. Write your desire around names in a continuous cursive hand, connecting the end of the last desire to the beginning. ( e.g. Win the case )
  5. Dress the four corners with florida water or oils.

- Mojo Hand -

  • What you need:
  1. Green Flanel
  2. Florida Water
  3. Legal Oils ( Optional )
  4. Seven Needles ( Post candle use )
  5. Urine
  6. Red Brick Dust ( Courthouse ) or Dirt from the Courthouse
  7. High John The Conqueror Root
  8. Marigold
  • Steps:
  1. Sew the green flanel into a bag.
  2. Fill it with the red brick dust/courthouse dirt, High John the Conqueror Root, and Marigold. Keep the amounts in sevens and threes.
  3. Dress the corners/edges and the center of the bag with Florida water.
  4. Set it next to the candle for the entirety of the candle portion of the working, dressing it with Florida water before hand.
  5. When the candle work is done, place the ashes of the petition and the needles into the bag.
  6. Whisper the purpose of the bag into the opening and sew it shut.
  7. Dress corners as before, but this time do so with urine and florida water, and dress it every Thursday.
  8. Once the court case begins, wear this mojo into court.
  9. Properly disassemble and scatter the mojo, when the battle is over.

You may also wish to pursue a honey/sweetening jar to work on the judge.

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