Symbolism In The Body

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Symbolism In The Body
Post # 1
I am certain there's a word for this, but I can't figure out the right terminology to be able to search for information on the topic of what various body parts symbolize, but then also what physical sensations, and ailments may symbolized, or be caused by.

For example, fever blisters/cold sores I've heard commonly stem from bitterness and anger held on to for too long, or perhaps that is unjustified. I've had multiple occasions where I will begin to have one come up, and it is a reminder for me to acknowledge, and let go of that bitterness. In my own personal experience, nine times out of ten it will disappear within the next 3 hours if I do that. If not, it stays. Of course, I keep Abreva handy if it does stick around.

Or another, less serious, example would be about if your hands itch it means money will come your way, or if your ears itch people are talking about you, etc. Basically that idea just expanded further.

Does anyone have a word for it I can use to start researching this? Thank you!
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Re: Symbolism In The Body
Post # 2
A term I used for google, and brought me a few pages was 'body superstitions'.
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Re: Symbolism In The Body
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Many such superstitions have no basis whatsoever -- not even as a synchronistic event. There is no way to verify whether someone is gossiping because your ears area itching; such beliefs only foster baseless paranoia.
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Re: Symbolism In The Body
Post # 4

While there isn't a lot of scientifically and medically verified proof that body superstitions indeed predict future events there is some correlation to certain bodily predictions. It has been documented and verified by some that feeling a certain way such as bones aching can fortell a coming storm and this has been proven to be the case in some examples; it is postulated that this bodily prediction is the result in the barometric pressure differential whether the pressure rises or drops some people can feel this change in the pressure.

It has been medically verified that zits, pimples, cold sores can in a away reveal that one is holding on to bitter, anger, resentment, or a plethora of any emotion that one does not properly balance and maintain. Stress on the body can result in an outbreak of the herpes zoraster virus as an immune response, while this can happen for any number of reasons a substantial factor can be excessive amounts of stress caused by strong emotions. Hormone levels vary with emotion, mood, and disposition and also corrolate with the effects produced by the body.

Other such bodily superstitions may come from folklore or what such but unless there is enough correlating data and evidence to substantiate such predictive claims there is no way to verify whether such claims are generally accurate or reliable.

Perhaps if your interested in bodily divination you can look into chieromancy/palmistry, but as with any divination method it is up to each individual to decide whether such predictions are reliable, dependeble, and/or accurate.

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Re: Symbolism In The Body
Post # 5
The examples I gave about the palms itching, etc. Were used to try and explain the general thing that I was talking about. I don't believe them but I was trying to get my point across. But yeah, I fully believe those are folk lore.

As far as physical ailments possibly caused by emotions, I think those are definitely plausible if only because it's been scientifically proven that stress, and the hormones it causes the body to produce, can create those adverse affects. I'm not sure what I believe is entirely true but I'm curious.
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