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Name: Naomi_Ink
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Hello everyone, my name's Naomi. I am still discovering myself, and my abilities, and don't have much to say yet. I'm here to learn, observe, and grow. I enjoy examining the opinions and beliefs of those that I initially disagree with, just to better understand, and try to keep an open mind on almost anything.
Currently I consider myself an empath, with a strong interest in card reading (gypsy and tarot), fortune telling, and just plain and and simple readings. Due to the environment I grew up in I spent a lot of time stifling these desires and hungers to learn about these things but I decided it was time to explore what I've been called to.
Forgive my lack of vocabulary, I'll update this when it improves, but I also tend to see images, faces, even stories played out, on the surfaces of inanimate objects. I used to see more in general while I was younger, but I've for the most part stifled that.
So yeah, that's about it in regards to mystical things I'm still seeking to understand. Outside of that I'm a fairly simple person. I like chess, performing in any fashion, and makeup. I write a lot and constantly have music playing. If you ask me what I do for fun I will stare at you in silence for a good 5 seconds before remember, I don't. I'm still learning how to enjoy myself and life. I'll get there eventually though. I promise.