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On the topic of Ouija

Forums ► Magic Items ► On the topic of Ouija

On the topic of Ouija
Post # 1

Somebody bought me a vintage one as a gift, and I'm not sure if I should try it? You guys should tell me about your expirence with em, and that will help me determine whether or not this on is going straght to an oddity shop donation bin

Love and this weird triangle thingy,


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Re: On the topic of Ouija
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I haven't had very good experiences with Quija boards. I'v never had a dangerous experience, but I have never had very fruitful experience either. Everytime I have used it with another person, someone is moving the planchette, and by that I mean that they are answering the questions as they would without the board. They may not even realize that they are doing it (I'm somewhat convinced that it's subconsious), but in watching it, you can tell that they are moving it and are answering the questions themselves. This is especially obvious when I use it with a person I know well, since I know how they would answer the questions.

Anyway, that isn' to say that they don't work. I just haven't had much luck with them. Feel free to experiment yourself. I don't personally believe that they are super dangerous by any means, but like and tool or toy, they can be missused.

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Re: On the topic of Ouija
Post # 3
If you have to ask about it you should deffinitly not use it! theres a lot of rules you have to fallow..When I was a kid me and my friends messed around with them a lot and I would start seeing shadows walk around the house and my friends woke up with scratches on her body.
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Re: On the topic of Ouija
Post # 4
In my opinion, I fell asleep if they're a tool to use to contact a dead relative, someone dear to you, etc.. We truthfully don't know what's out there, and people are sometimes unwillingly knowing what they're putting out into the university. I don't really see it as a threat but a form of communication. So, just be careful when you use it is all I have to say.
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Re: On the topic of Ouija
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Ouija is a board game, plain and simple. Some people will see "sprits and demons" in almost anything; even a bar of soap! You may as well contact "spirits" with a set of Dominoes; or a game of Snakes and Ladders!
One of the oldest board games is Chess. Can you contact spirits with it?
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Re: On the topic of Ouija
Post # 6
Well, some people will say you shoulden't use, others will say it's fine. I'll share my experiences with it and you decide to use it or not. BUt, if you are going to use it, you should know some important steps so nothing bad will happen.

Okay so the worst experience i had was this one.

Me, my brother and a couple of friends were using an ouija board. We got a demon talking to us, has is name is quite knowing " Zozo ". we were playing, everything was okay. Then out of the blue, i really don't know what happen, the room got " heavy " almost as if you coulden't breath at all. Then a friend of mine asked what the spirit wanted and it spelled " H-E-N-R-I-Q-U-E " ( My name. ) And i asked what he wanted from me and he spelled " k-i-l-l ". We obviously closed the board and the session. ( A few months later like 1-3 ) Strange things started to happen. Objects moving from place to place, doors opening and closing. I remember waking up with scractches, bruises ( Not made by me ). I felt things touching me, i once even felt a breath as if someone was breathing just right in front of me! Of course that was a bad time. But it ended up okay, thankfully.

Now the Best experience i had was:

When i was playing alone, ( Not alone at home my brother was near me and a couple of people, but i was the only one using the board ), i asked the spirits name, and it spelled my dead Grandfather's name. Well, then we talked normally, the board started spelling things like " i love you " or " i'm proud of you " etc.

Ofcourse, the board lies, and it lies alot!! I don't even blieve it was my grandfather but i did not minded 'cause it was an awesome experience. You should never, EVER trust the board. As you see, some experiences can go good and even make you happy. Others can go terribly wrong and make you miserable. Becareful!

Blessed Be,
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Re: On the topic of Ouija
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Zozo is a myth made up to scare people. And who would know names of people at the table better than the people at the table?

I think ouija might possibly be useful as a divination tool, as many things perhaps not made to one purpose are used for another. But its caveats should also be held in consideration. I don't mean contacting "something" unwanted, but of its strengths ans weaknesses as a divination tool.

It is similar to automatic writing in a sense. People can pretend, and people can induce a deep trance state. One might possibly produce a glimpse into the subconscious. The other will not.

The more people there are, the more likely they are not all in the right mindset -- in fact most people do not treat it with any seriousness.

With a large group, the most accurate results would be for all but one to be blindfolded, and the board to be placed at an angle unknown to them all. One person stands to thw side and records results. See how good some spirit's spelling is then.

Used alone, I'll leave that to UPG.
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Re: On the topic of Ouija
Post # 8
Honestly, if you don't know how to deal with spirits, I strongly advise you not to try it. Here's what I've learnt from Allan Kardec's books.

Normally, the spirits who talk to you through the board are inferior, often even evil ones. They might get attached to you, which is called an obsession. Maybe you'll think "oh cool a spirit next to me how awesome" but that's not how obsessions work. They're absolutely NO fun. You basically feel like crap until the spirit goes away. IF it goes away. You might ask if the spirit is a loved one you've lost, including a pet (sounds stupid, but souls don't have the same boudaries we do), but as I said, you have to know what you're doing. If you don't, they might get in tune with your thoughts, and answer anything you want them to, even personal stuff. And of course, never leave you alone.

In case you are suffering from an obsession, I advise you to look up "symptoms" but the usual ones are depression or anxiety, new addictions, changes in your personality, suicidal thoughts (I knew this girl who had an obsession from a spirit who tried to make her kill herself so they could be together), and maybe being posessed.

And, of course, to get rid of it, you should try Archangel Michael's prayer to break contracts from other lives (like, who knows, maybe you were one of those people who bought their way into heaven back in the Middle Age) and anything that wasn't supposed to be there, pretty much. You can always go see the people who are experts on this matter, or like a Hodoo priest or something.

For everyday life, though, imagine a light purple, sort of violet energy field around you, it'll keep you safe from negative people and even spirits. Blessed be!!
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Re: On the topic of Ouija
Post # 9
There are different opinions on the oujia board. I personally don't see why it shouldn't work because it's almost like automatic writing but I also believe that if you are using your consious mind to move the pointer it is simply a psychological trick.
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Re: On the topic of Ouija
Post # 10
Also, I forgot to add my personal experience: When I was 12 my friends improvised one with a glass and some papers and a candle, and I left the room because I knew how dangerous it was. It didn't stop me from spending a whole week seeing dead people (which I only did when I was little) and my friend from spraining his ankle and not sleeping for days. Be careful, will ya ;)
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