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Need some advice.

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Need some advice.
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Need some advice.
Post # 1
Today I've been trying to determine the source and cause of shadow people(definitely negative) both my fiance and I have been experiencing around the household. He explained to me that this is not new to him and he has a history seeing shadow people coupled with noises that no one else can hear both at home and at work. I myself am not Wicca, though I am spiritually inclined (for lack of a better term) and boiled it down to negative energy at my mom's house where we're both currently living.
Then he mentioned that a past friend of his practiced. He told me that he was staying with her after her long time boyfriend left her. He told me not long after he got there she attempted a love spell with rose water. He said that the water had turned dark and afterward very messed up things started happening, animals behaving weirdly, uneasy happenings. He wasn't aware of what she was doing exactly until after the fact. He couldn't tell me the extent because he was on a work break but I'm going to find out more information later when he's home.

The only thing that I find weird about what he explained is it seemed to have traveled with him, it may be completely unrelated, I'm not sure I'm just trying to gather as much information as I can to determine what needs to be done to better the situation.

I'm hoping someone could tell me about any repercussions of a failed or ill-done rose water spell, or anything else that is related. I've been googling and researching for close to an hour with no results. Many thanks in advance.


P.S. If I posted this in the wrong section I apologize, I usually don't use forums.
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Re: Need some advice.
Post # 2
Well theirs a few things you can try yourself, it may help repel negative entities. If you have a lot of negativity in your home, space clearing can help. You can use a quartz crystal cluster to break up and clear energy in a room and even some black tourmaline will transmute negative energy into positive energy, this way if you have anything negative in your home it may help to keep them away. Also carrying a protection stone or make a protection amulet may keep them away from you. You can make it into a pendant to carry on your person, carry it in your pocket, or hang it above your bed or around a space you stay often. Sage is something you can also look into, sage him if you feel like he's carried something bad with him may help to detach it and clear negative energy that attracts it. Of course this is just my own opinion, their is many different things you can try. Hope this gives you some ideas to find a method that works for you c:
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Re: Need some advice.
Post # 3
I know a little about crystals and their properties. I've been planning to get some but I'm just financially strapped at the moment. I do have a a sage and lavander smudge but I've been saving it because we're moving soon and I was going to use it when we get to the new place. I wasn't concerned until he mentioned his past experiences. My mom's house is high stress and has negative energy built from the past so I was assuming thats what was drawing it.

Thank you, I'll keep your crystal suggestions in mind :)
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