I Dont Know What Happened

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I Dont Know What Happened
Post # 1
I have told the story a million times, and you can say there are holes, but I hope I can bring to life my experience for you all, and get some opinions now, years later.

I am nineteen now, but this happened on my fifteenth birthday. I had decided that it was time to make my very first Wiccan Circle. I was excited, and got about either people to go with me to do so.

Despite it being quite dark outside, we decided to do it in the woods. We wanted a little peace and quiet and privacy from disapproving parents.

I knew the woods well, along with most of my friends, so we chose a small clearing just beyond the forest's edge. I believe I learned how to make a circle from this website, and so I implemented what I knew, and things I just felt were right.

I had sage to cleanse, and sweetgrass to bring in the happy energies, a bowl of water, a feather, several candles, and the earth was already there. I chose to represent Akasha, and allowed my other friends to represent the rest. Three friends waited outside of the circle until I was to invite them in. So as I began to portion where I would be making my walks around the circle, I invited them in so I could close things up and begin the invites.

It was really dark until all of the candles were lit, but it did a number on illuminating the woods- and the moon certainly helped.

Now despite what I am going to tell you next, I can assure you, this was one of the most emotional and eye opening experiences of my life, and I do not regret it.

I can't quote, but my words at the time had to be something like, "I will allow no negativity within the circle. Only what I invite, and all positive energy." I was repeating that, and then it happened.

At the time, I lived in East Texas. I can say it COULD have been a wild animal- a rare bear, or a common panther that we frequently sighted, but the truth is, I don't know.

As I repeated my chant, I began hearing these footsteps. It was paired with a breathing that sounded more like a growl. Like, as it breathed in and out, you could hear the low vibrations, and I remember growing very stiff to hear it. And it only got closer. Everything in the woods sounds bigger than it is, but this was NOT something small. Not with that growl, and not with the sound of those heavy feet. Or paws. Or whatever they were.

But I am telling you. It got so close to me. I froze at the head of my circle and I stared for a moment, but it was not there. I swear, you couldn't see anything. But it was so close. I could feel my eyes starting to tear up because it was so intense and it sounded less than a few feet away. Dark. Or not. I should have been able to see something that big, and that close. I cannot stress that enough. I felt it was so close I could touch it, but I was looking at empty clearing.

At that moment, I was thinking two things. It is either something that might have... Sensed what we were doing? A supernatural something that got curious, or something not so friendly supernatural that got curious. Or it was a damn panther and that wasn't good either. But either way, I knew not to run. If it was Supernatual, safer in the circle. If it was natural, safer not to run and play chase with it.

Thinking all of this and with my heart absolutely racing, I started up again. I got stern and I repeated. "I will allow NO negative energy into this circle." Over and over again.

I continued, and within seconds, I heard maybe three steps, and then silence. It was just gone.

Everyone was shaken up, but we finished up what we came out to do, and it became one of the biggest moments of my venture into Wicca.

I will add this one last thing. I was fifteen. And it seems like something that, over the years, could become warped in your head...

A few months ago, I had my friend from Texas visit me in Delaware. It was long overdue, though we hardly talked. She had been there that night.

For a long time, I didn't tell my story, but somehow Elena [my friend] and I got on the topic. She got quiet and then she mentioned the thing that approached us that night. I just stood their shocked and then I started to just break down because after... Years of not talking about it to anyone it had happened with, I got confirmation that I hadn't let my mind get the better of me. All of this actually happened.

You have no idea how hard that hits you.

But this is my story. It is, to date, to most dramatic tale I have to tell. So I guess what I have to say now is...

Is there lore behind this sort of encounter? Could I have drawn something in by creating a circle? Is this a common thing..? Or a one time occurrence? And if anything... What do you think it was? A large, curious East Texas animal? Or maybe something more?

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Re: I Dont Know What Happened
Post # 2
Hello there
I found your story fascinating.
For 1, yes. Circles create energy points which could draw the wandering creature in.
For 2, if the gate had already been opened then yes again, it would have been drawn in.
It is of course possible it was a very hungry bear or a very asmatic pantha however, there are supernatural possibilities too.
You were lucky.
If it were supernatural and really pushed it might have been able to break your circle because 1, you stopped the chant creating a pause in the power and 2, your friends were not chanting also. It is also good to have your group do some kind of back mantra while you chant. Latin also offers more powerful wording but English is good too.
As you did not actually see the creature it could have been many things. Knowing it had feet or paws narrows it down but other than that it leaves us with a wide variety of things.
Most likely it was not a roag vampire as they don't tend to announce there prsents before they strike, and there are not that many around these days.
I'll think on this and get back to you.
You are a great story teller.
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Re: I Dont Know What Happened
Post # 3
hell again
So Having given it some thought I've actually widened what it could be,
goldfire agrees it was not a vampire,
the possibility of werwolfin is possible but unlikely to the point of slightly laughable,
a spirit of some kind is more likely, though they'd probably not make much noise and the breathing kind of rules this out,
this leaves us with 4 options:
1. A demon of some kind, pros: it fits with the breathing, attracted by the energies. cons: it didn't attack though it might have not wanted to chance it
2. A natural animal attracted by the energies. Animals are very intuintive and either the noise or the discharging energy may have attracted one.
3. A forest creature. Many forests or woods have unique spirits or creatures, either guardians or just creatures who chose that place as home. The amazon forests are great examples of these.
4. A creature I can't think of right now.

I hope this helps some.
Take care
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Re: I Dont Know What Happened
Post # 4
While I hear you, I think the Werewolf and Vampire stuff may be a bit far-fetched.
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Re: I Dont Know What Happened
Post # 5
Firstly, when investigating, it is important to leave nothing out whether it be a creature or otherwise. Everything must be considered until it is ruled out by evidence or well known facts. In other words, even considering the unknown being to be a wolf or vampire is smart, human knowledge is limited so there is a possibility for everything whether you believe it or not. Then again, this doesn't mean every being you come across will be a vampire or wolf.

Secondly, a demon sounds possible.
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Re: I Dont Know What Happened
Post # 6
absolutely don't rule something out until it is proven wrong.
I do agree, it is extremely unlikely to be a vampire. Most wild vampires are captured, or dead. most, there are probably a few around but it's unlikely.
I've been considering the data and conclusions I drew above and yes think the two most likely are a wild animal or a low level demon.
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Re: I Dont Know What Happened
Post # 7
For a start, you should know that Werewolves and Vampires DO NOT exist.
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Re: I Dont Know What Happened
Post # 8
for a first, have you proved this, or are you just hiding from fact
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Re: I Dont Know What Happened
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Goldfire, fact is supported with evidence. Claiming something exists demands presentation of something at the very least plausible. There has been absolutely no evidence that they exist.

It is not possible to prove a non-existence through evidence, but existence is possible if something exists. Therefore, those who claim something as factually true must be able to provide evidence.

Such creatures are a matter of belief -- and belief in non-physical entities at that. There is no fact involved, as there is absolutely no evidence to bear the burden of proof.
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