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Thoughts on Black magic

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Thoughts on Black magic
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Thoughts on Black magic
Post # 1
Though I haven`t practiced it I have heard it from family and friends. Black magic is a type of magic that you don`t want to mess around with. The problem I have is the negativity and the backlash after you cast one. Sure you might cast a minor BM spell. Afterwards it will come back threefold. So make sure you have a protection spell or something if you start casting in this territory so you don`t have any problems later.
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Re: Thoughts on Black magic
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Some things I would like to point out:

  1. The definition of black magic is individual as it is based around intention and morality. This makes it hard to define, as it's defninition is subjective to what a person believes and feels is right.
  2. Magic does not have any colour. "Black magic" refers to magic with a bad intention.
  3. Not everyone abides by the threefold law. I personally do not believe in it or karma, so I take neither into account while doing and kind of magic, spells or otherwise.

But, protection is a good idea if you are casting in most cases. At least know that you can be affected by the energy you put out; so make sure you have a clear head and a clean slate.

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Re: Thoughts on Black magic
Post # 3
Magick is magick. it has no color, though it does have intent and energy. Though we view healing, happiness, luck magick etc. as "white magick", and magick to harm as "black".. Who's to say that the luck/ prosperity spell you just performed meant that the $100 bill you just found was someone else's loss. Or that spell to spike your career caused someone else's theirs? Doesn't sound so positive now does it? Or performing a "black" magick rite to keep a person away from you, to protect yourself from mental/emotional harm? Its the intent that matters. It's if you're out to harm someone, have ill will, or to be at peace.
Magick is a manipulation of energy to aid us in parts of our lives. And the results vary of course. But every action has a reaction, and that is the law of nature, to maintain a balance.
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Re: Thoughts on Black magic
Post # 4
Thanks, though I already knew the difference of the magic was the intention and the cause. Though explaining it to me did make me think about it a little more. Thank you.
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Re: Thoughts on Black magic
Post # 5
I don't put much faith in the threefold rule either.

I think it's more of a guideline/wives tale than anything.

Energy tends to dissipate. I think you attract like energy into your life, but it's more on where you are at a given moment than what you would have put out five months ago.

If I put out a spell to do X five months ago I have more odds of it actually accomplishing X than any karmic reaction from doing X. We don't actively place energy into karma when we put forth a spell. We aim for an outcome.

You can attract an unwanted outcome because you aligned yourself with certain energies. But that is not because of karma. It has to do with the energies you aligned with.

Ideally one should learn to cut and clean. Cut yourself off from the energies you worked with and clean your energy. The energy you put out typically won't have a name and date stamped onto it unless you built along with it a construct for that very thing.

If I sit at a dog park with a bag full of balls. I then toss a ball out into the wide open area and say "bring it here" I might luck out and get a random dog to bring it to me.

That's what happens with spells. You toss energy out and hope that life will be influenced to bring back what you are seeking.

But a dog could bring me something else. Or bring my ball to someone else. Or my ball could sit there forever.

If I go back the next day there might be a dog that was there and it could start bringing me balls that aren't even mine. That's where the alignment part comes in. Once you are aligned to something you might keep being influenced by it.

If I go to another dog park the odds of a dog randomly bringing me a ball will decrease because they never got wind of me. Same goes for energy. If you're not putting it out there, or radiating it in some way, then you're not going to be influenced by it.
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Re: Thoughts on Black magic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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