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Tarot Practise Exchange
Post # 1
Hello and a warm greeting to everybody.

I've been learning many different ways of divination for the past 6 years, and the last 2 years dedicated to tarot cards. I think the only way for me to further improve is to practise reading for strangers, I think there are many others are also in a similar situation like me where we're looking for people to practise with. And so I would like to propose a tarot reading exchange.

So lets start by making a list of people who are willing to do readings:
-Anyone who is interested can take part.
-Doesn't really matter if you have a huge background in tarot or none at all.
-Please provide a little background information about yourself, nothing too personal is needed.
-Be honest with what you can and can't do, and include maybe boundaries of what you're comfortable doing
-And I strongly believe in equal exchange, so if someone does a reading for you, perhaps do a reading back if they would like one, or if you don't know how maybe provide another service or provide some detailed feedback.
-PLEASE please be respectful of each other

And for those are interested in a reading:
-You don't have to also be able to read tarot cards (best if you had some knowledge)
-Please provide a little background on yourself, no need for anything too personal.
-Everyone has different reading ethics, so please respect them.
-Please provide a reasonable question
-Please provide some feedback on the reading.
-PLEASE please be respectful of each other and if the reading is not to your liking, then perhaps that is a private issue between you and the reader.

For anyone who is interested just leave a response.

Thank you to everyone.
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Re: Tarot Practise Exchange
Post # 2
Hi, my name is Tina Tong, I was born in 1996/7/18 my and right now I am a full time Uni student.
I have been been practising magic, magick whatever you prefer to call it ever since I can remember, it runs in the family. But for the last two years I've been studying tarot cards. I would love to help anyone find answers and insight to their questions and concerns. My spread of choice is the celtic cross, its traditional, its simple, everyone knows it and it can give so much information. I can also do shorter readings if you would like.
-I don't do readings for third parties
-I can't tell your future, because your future is not set in stone. I can however interpret what the cards are telling me about your recent past, your present and how that present might effect your future.
-I don't do readings to contact the deceased
-I am not a counsellor or a legal advisor or a medical advisor and a Tarot reading should definitely not and cannot replace them.
-I will only do one reading for you once per day.

With that in mind, you may ask any of your questions, just send me a mail with some background info on yourself, your full name date of birth and an appropriate question.

Ask away you questions
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Re: Tarot Practise Exchange
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I suppose I would be willing to take part in the exchange. My name is ana. I've practicing magic for 14 years, divination specifically for 11. Divination itself makes up a huge part of my spiritual path and practices, and so I consider my self to be a divinist. II'm not necessarily looking to practice as much as I just like doing readings.

It will be necessary for people interested in readings to visit my profile all the same, but I can gloss over the basics here.

  • I offer several different forms of readings such as runes, tarot, oracle, lenormand, cartomancy, iching, and pendulum
  • I have many decks to choose from(listed in my profile)
  • I am willing to do general readings as well as question specific ones
  • I specialize in spirit guided readings, but I won't personally chanel for you
  • I only do one reading per person per week
  • I will not do readings for third parties or over intimate topics
  • I prefer not to do love readings at this time, but that is subject to change. That change is documented in my profile.
  • I can offer guidance, or some limited future telling
  • I reserve the right to refuse a reading for any reason
  • Sometimes I get busy with work. So if I don't get to your reading immediately don't be concerned.
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Re: Tarot Practise Exchange
Post # 4
Thank you for your response : )
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