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Calender Tarot Reading

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Calender Tarot Reading
Post # 1
Please help me understand how to interpret the Calendar reading of a tarot spread I received from this site's online tool. The reading was a spread of 13 cards, 12 of which were assigned to a specific house followed by a zodiac sign. For example, the first house was attached to Aries, the second to Taurus, the third to Gemini, etc. I am a Scorpio so I'm unsure what these houses and zodiac signs apply to in this reading. Should I pay attention to only the Scorpio related house (the eighth house) or do all of these cards have some meaning for me? Thanks... Ken
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Re: Calender Tarot Reading
Post # 2

Well, to start you shouldn't pay too much mind to online tarot readings like the one on here. They're fun but not a substitute for a proper reading. It's better to do your own reading or get someone you trust to do a reading for you.

As for the spread though, I'm not entirely sure which specific spread it is so I couldn't tell what exactly was meant by each card but yes, in a spread, all the cards hold meaning.

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Calendar Tarot Reading
Post # 3
I can understand the lack of stock put into the online tarot reading on this site, but to clarify the "Calendar Spread" reference, here is an excerpt from the page on the site... "There are 7 different Tarot spreads. Each spread can tell you something different about yourself. We feature a different spread each day of the week, so return each day to get you next reading. You may also want to check out your numerology reading once you are finished.

Today's spread is the Calendar, tomorrow's is Tree of Life. The 7 spreads include Thy Self, Romany, Horoscope, Celtic Cross, Horseshoe, Calendar, and Tree of Life."

So I'm trying to understand the basics of what a calendar spread entails. If there is a good article on the basics here, that would help as well. At this stage, I'm looking to just experiment with tarot before having a more professional reading done, but I also don't want to wander around in the dark, lol. Thanks....
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Re: Calender Tarot Reading
By: / Novice
Post # 4

If you looked at the spread a little more c are fully it would be really easy to understand . Each position is tied to a zodiac house aand each house is tied to an aspect of your life. You would look at each card with the meaning of the position you are in.

I pulled up a reading using the spread on site.

Each cards description of the card looks something like this :

The first house - Aries - describes the inquirer. Card: The Tower (reversed) - Chaotic changes.

So the card in the first position is tied to aries, which in the spread is tied to representing the person the reading is for. The site then goes a basic meaning to the card.
Sooo. Position meaning+card meaning= the reading outcome
In the example I pulled up : aries (describes the inquirer ) + the tower reversed (chaotic changes) would indicate that the person in question is going through a rough time of change that he caused ore problems than solved
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Re: Calender Tarot Reading
Post # 5
Mz. Kalamity, thanks for your reply. I guess where I was confused is with the house of Aries representing the inquirer while I'm a Scorpio, so I wondered if it applied to me. Furthermore, the very first outcome under Aries said the inquirer was an overly emotional woman, but I was the inquirer; hence my confusion.

I read your forum post about asking for a reading and how to properly form a question. I rephrased my question and the second set of outcomes were more relevant. That said, your explanation is very helpful, so I will take a closer look at the results and then explore a true reading. Thanks!
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Re: Calender Tarot Reading
By: / Novice
Post # 6

You are most welcome. Spreads of that nature are more the house itself re

At her than the house from the respective of the inquirer. Also the sites like to determine the cards directly. I you'd be better off learning the meanings for your self rather than the ones the site provides as they can be literal, and the cards can't always make sense that way. I am glad that you got the answers you needed

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