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real or fake !?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► real or fake !?
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real or fake !?
Post # 1
I'm new and I'm confused about the site so my question is :
The spells here is they are real or what !?
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Re: real or fake !?
Post # 2
Simple answer, both.
The thing is anyone can contribute spells on this site. So you could be reading a person who's quite knowledgable in the crafts spell or a random eight year old.

If you are new and don't know how to tell the difference from the real and the fake, which by the way will become incredibly easy later, then night I suggest you go to the articles menu and read the featured articles. Those will teach you the basics of witchcraft.
Hope I've been of help and if you've any more questions feel free to message me.
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Re: real or fake !?
Post # 3
It is my personal belief that the words and the process of a spell does not make it real. It is the how. This is brought about by the practitioner.

While someone could just come on here and attempt the first spell they find; I do not feel that they will be able to accomplish much with first knowing how to utilize a spell, and second having experience in doing so.

For example, I could list a spell as such:
Four corners unite,
In the black where they bite,
In the white pure with taste,
Do flush clear with haste.

Without meaning it is useless.

I could say it is a cleaning spell for your toilet. And it suddenly has more context.

Still, it is fairly useless.

I could say burn Frankincense, toss a four clear quarts, one pink quarts, and the feather of a pigeon.

Still, this is fairly fluffy. It now has more ritual to it, and thus more meaning. But it is likely to accomplish little.

I could say that you need to cleanse your room, and your self, and your tools. Call in energy. Perform the task. Release energy. Thank. And leave the rocks to wait. Still, there is likely to be much effect. That is unless a person has much experience with the practice of doing such things.

Think of it like Riding a bike. It takes time to ride a bike. It takes time to learn the balance. It takes time to not use training wheels. More skill comes more ability. Some have more stamina. Some can do wheelies, bunny-hops, grinds, etc. Sure, a person might be able to ride a bike with out riding one in a long time. The old saying is: "you never forget how to ride a bike". But you probably lose some skill in your capabilities of the harder skills.

Magic is not just the ritual. It is not like baking a cake.

So, to answer your question, there is no such thing as a real spell of just the ritual, words, and tools. It is the act of the focus of the practitioner that brings about the change. Tools, words, and ritual are all methods for allowing the practitioner to focus themselves.

Someone with enough skill can make a spell out of very little.
At some point the person does it so much that it isn't even a spell anymore. It is simply moving things around where someone functions. A person can change the energy of a room or situation without much effort or thought, let alone a 15 minute ritual with rhymes and wands.
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Re: real or fake !?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
I'm sorry, but most members on this site wouldn't understand a spell if it jumped up and bit them! Because they fail to understand what a spell is. They think a spell is magic. It isn't!
A spell is a ritual attempt to obtain a magical result.A ritual "wish".
So the kind of ritual doesn't matter. You can make up your own ritual; most of the people who cast spells usually do make up their own. Do spells work? About as much as prayers do!
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Re: real or fake !?
Post # 5
Ok my outlook on spells, they are a ritual or method that was used to create a desired effect. They are real in the sense they were created. Do they work? That really depends on who is casting it, the thought put into it from the caster and the spell itself. The spell itself is merely words and a few tools for focus, the power itself comes from within you, your energy and your intent.

For me, most spells here dont work. However, they DO aid in giving me ideas, and some spells do just need to be re-adjusted so they are more personal to my own needs and workings. I have had some spells i haven't needed to adjust at all that have worked like charms! Simple spells mostly. I find complicated spells need tweaking.

First and foremost, from my experience and opinion at least:
The power comes from within, not the words, not the crystals and not that fish bone you are holding there (lol) YOU are the guiding force behind making spells work, but never expect the impossible. Don't expect to make a pink pony appear from thin air. Remember YOUR energy influences, it does not manifest things from nothing. The universe exists with give and take terminology, also something to note.

Good luck and Blessed Be
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Re: real or fake !?
Post # 6
On this sight you have a mixture of real and fake spells. As for do these work please understand something. It is truly impossible to create something out of nothing. While this seems obvious it is often overlooked. People who take the time to figure out magick realize that it is a glorified version of energy direction. When you cast a spell you are using words, symbols, and often nature to help maintain and increase a level of energy you have collected. Also spells give this energy a purpose. I could say two words in jiberish but it doesn't make it magick. Now, if I've collected enough energy and have something like a candle, and preferably adequate experience it could be a different. If you can not harness and maintain energy for any amount of time no spells will help you.
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