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Please refrain from...

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Please refrain from...
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Please refrain from...
Post # 1
My dears, if you've come here looking to become what is impossible I assure you that the community here will not respond well to it. There is no magick here on earth that will turn you into a fairy, or werewolf, or vampire, or make you fly.

Our main purpose here on this website is to work for and with nature. Not defy it.

Thank you

Re: Please refrain from...
Post # 2
The site has quite a number of such spells. In case you have not noticed.

Re: Please refrain from...
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Lucid13, anyone in a council position in a coven can post spells, anyone in spellcasters is automatically in a council position, regardless of knowledge.

Every single one of the spells that claims to transform you into a mythical creature, is written by people who are either too young to understand, or have not learned the reality of magick and so are fake.

Just like magazines and television, you cannot beleive everything you see.

Re: Please refrain from...
Post # 4
Yes you are right ,people just need time to understand,let them experience

Re: Please refrain from...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Site Spells Discussion from General Info.

Re: Please refrain from...
Post # 6

Wolfy, while you are correct, this simple statement sadly won't change anything.

So many people sign up for the site every day for many different reasons. They will overlook this simple thread and try to achieve their goal. Live and let live.

Ignore the fluffs and focus on making the site a better place for all occult pracitioners. So many have tried to make a statement about this and it often goes ignored. Focus on what's fact and make it better!

Re: Please refrain from...
By: / Novice
Post # 7

Please bear in mind that your way of spelling magick does not apply to everyone, much like colour is spelled differently in the US than it is in the UK.

Every form of kinesis is fake so that aspect ofyour argument cannot really be relied on. We are also not living in caves due to biological and knowledge advancements, not magick. And you cannot make someone fall in love, only make them believe that they are, they are very different.

And do not swear on this website, there are 13 year olds and it is not really the place.

Re: Please refrain from...
Post # 8
Sorry if I state anything in the form of truth. Or that anything comes across as belief. Please assume the following is neither absolute truth, remote truth, nor my belief.

Psychic vampire is not the same as vampire. It is just a name. Someone performing the act of taking energy is still performing the act whether they are labelled a psychic vampire or not.

Vampires, werewolves, fairies, mermaids, dragons, et cetera, all have supporters. Whether what they believe is true does not take away from them having a strong community. These people like to talk about their stories just like every other community. If this is not the community for that then so be it. Their are loads of other sites that deal in the occult that make ad revenue off of these individuals.

Constructs work by the simple principles that most new-agers will agree with. Any thing, including the concept of mermaids and vampires, can be made into a construct. If what new-agers hold to be valid ways of magic is to be considered reliable and talkable, then so should any method of construct creation that will bring into one's life a "fluffy"-essence.

Unless this talks about new age things like chakras, reiki, laying of hands, gemstones, et cetera are not allowed, then it is not that far removed to suggest that constructs of anything should also be allowed.

Keep in mind the very first thing mentioned on the website after the words "Where the world learns" is the phrase "black magic". This suggests that one can talk about devil worship and daemon summoning but not vampires. That it is perfectly fine to try to summon a daemon from the 6th level of hell into your living room, but not discuss other things from the biblethymes. This of course being Adam's other wife, Lilith (also known as Lamia).

Re: Please refrain from...
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Ben Ten, the reason that so many spell it 'magick' with a k is because Aleister Crowley wanted to differentiate ritual magic from stage illusion. There are those who would also argue that since adding the k has become so commonplace that they consider it the correct spelling. It can become a matter of debate, but it seems of little consequence to me.

And you're splitting hairs on the issue of magic changing the body. Your example of changing our own brain chemistry is not what people mean. In fact, that is something practiced -- at least indirectly -- with real magic. What people mean by changing the body is ridiculous notions such as growing wings, or changing eye or hair color.

I will have to suggest that changing another person's brain chemistry is, at the very least, debatable. I do not believe it can be directly done through magic.

But no: Biokinesis is not real. And we do not control nature; we manipulate one material into a different form (smelting ore into iron, for example; making limestone into concrete for another), but we are still ultimately at the mercy of nature.

Re: Please refrain from...
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
Exactly! Magic cannot change the chemistry of the brain; but it can change a person's attitude to Life!
Magic is, as the last post said,changing one or more things into something different. Getting iron from ore is not really a good example. That is "extracting" a metal.It doesn't change anything.
But, if Tin is mixed with Copper, it produces a completely new metal; Bronze. That's magic!
So think of it like this:- Iron exists in Nature; so do Tin and Copper. Bronze doesn't!

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