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Limited Time Offer!
Post # 1

For one week only, I will be offering free readings!

My only tools avalible at the moment are my Carnelian pendulum, Deity Shadowing, and Tasseomancy (divination with tea).


  • Please do not mail me with "What if..." or "Will I ever...". These will automatically be ignored. Also, please do not mail me with questions that can easily be solved with common sense.
  • If you don't hear back from me within two days, do not be afraid to remind me!
  • Up to three questions/readings are allowed for each person.
  • When shadowing/channeling a deity, I only commune with the Norse Pantheon.
  • If I reject a reading for you, please do not continually pester me.
  • Add a subject! Please do not leave the subject blank, or it will most likely get ignored.

Divination Process

  • Carnelian Pendulum

When using a pendulum, I only go by the "Yes/No" format. So, yes or no questions are good for this method. I also often use my hand as a pendulum chart :P. Each finger for an answer of yes, no, maybe etc. etc.

  • Deity Shadowing

In this process, usually the diety gives me advice or enlightenment to pass on from them to me and then to you. It's commonly tied in with the pendulum if the deity has any more advice to give you beyond a yes or no answer.

  • Tasseomancy

Please be aware that I am just starting out on this method in divination and that I have very little experience. So if you want to give me practice and a good cup of tea on this one, pick Tasseomancy!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Limited Time Offer!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Is Tasseomancy the Proper name for Tea readings?
Its funny, I was watching that movie Coroline last night with my Girlfriend, in one scene a lady offers her a Tea reading
I always found this very interesting and could never understand how this system works, best of luck learning and practicing.
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