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Books to PDF

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Books to PDF
Post # 1

Okay so my first post got posted on accident before it was complete aha!


But basically I can scan the books I buy and I will soon create a drop box account where you can download these from! I plan on buying every magickal related book, be it Celtic, Wicca/e, Shamanism, Sagas, Eddas, Hinduism, Shinto, etc and more Also I currently have textbooks or misc books such as Psychology based ones or art based ones, and some Christian ones (which I've never really had a taste for lol)

Some Magickal books that I have now:

  • Grimoire for the Green Witch
  • Complete Book of Chakra Healing
  • Neolithic Shamanism
  • Animal Spirit Guides
  • Celtic Magic
  • Complete Book of Correspondences


I plan on buying many more books, from all authors and on various topics and practices and concepts more.

If you can be apart of this project to spread information to those who can not otherwise access it due to what ever, please also take part and post in this thread! Exchange drop box or downloads or pdfs or else. Maybe we can even get a thing going on where we send books to those who can scan them? I mean I don't know where this can go, but I think it's unfair that the more accepted and widely supported book types concerning religion and practice goes is seemingly anything attached to Christianity . So these magickal books are rare as it is, and some people who have copies of old and good ones like to try and sell them for thousands of dollars.

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Re: Books to PDF
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Can I just point out, as I did on the old threat, that you have to stay morally and legally in the black here...

Buying a book and then posting it for free where anyone who is searching could find it is not right in any sense of the word. The authors work hard to make a living from those buying the books, by posting them freely online you are undemining them and the publisher that makes money from their sales.

If people want to buy the books cheeply then they should look on pre-owned amazon, where you can buy books for as little as one pence.

Maybe you should try making a document full of the freely available books that are already free or try a book swap.

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Re: Books to PDF
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Doing what you are suggesting is illegal and violates international copyright law. If you are caught doing it you could be sued or even jailed . Further, it isn't very ethical as it is literally stealing revenue from both the publishers and the authors. I would think long and hard before you go any further with this scheme.

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Re: Books to PDF
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: Books to PDF
Post # 5
Most of the people answering you are right about what can happen legally, you can get in severe trouble with the law and be put in jail or worse, I highly suggest you do NOT do what you are planning to do if you don't want to be in trouble for the rest of your life.
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Re: Books to PDF
Post # 6

Oops I have no morals

People use torrents everyday, and you'd be surprised how all that goes down, and no one goes to jail.

But then again I don't want to hack free copies of products like games and movies, and spread them on the internet, I was just throwing ideas around on how it could be made more possible that people without much money and much support of their peers/family/elders can get ahold of what interests them, and easily, with a PDF.

I don't mean to take revenue away, or any of those things that do conflict morally and ethically, but the thing that I saw when I posted it was how some people who are new to this, are in communities where it is taboo to try and be apart of another belief or practice, and they may not be able to buy or even get ahold, order, or rent books on similar topics.

In theory though, how could one do something like this--make information more readily available, but not at any one else's expense, but also helping out many pagans or anyone who just wants to read on these topics? Though with any idea, someone will always be at expense.

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