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The astral planes

Forums ► Misc Topics ► The astral planes
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The astral planes
Post # 1
So I will avoid using the term astral projection as it is an idea I just never accepted rather we talk about lucid dreaming. So during the time I've been working with it I have noticed these: *While in a dream state it is impossible to obtain consciousness and the closest to it is having more vivid experiences there. * Using the methods where one notices something different in the astral planes and realises they are dreaming I have woken up always in the moment I realised I was dreaming or if I don't wake up I soon lose consciousness and at the time I do wake up I realise I lost consciousness between realising I'm dreaming and waking up. My question here is I have seen a lot of people advising the inexperienced that impossible things like shape shifting can be achieved in the astral planes. I want to know how they had realised they were dreaming but that didn't wake them up and how it is that they can keep conscious in the astral planes to a point they can decide to go about shape shifting and all that. Before you respond please note that by lucid dreaming I am not referring to trance and also I would like to get responses from those who talk from experience as I notice most who write on this subject have never achieved anything related to it and they write from theory.
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Re: The astral planes
Post # 2
i believe that your your body is just used to waking up as an impluse to your dreaming the minute you realize your dreaming as for an explaination for doing things as shapeshifting and what u call other impossible featsis beacause it is simply a dream and therfore controllable by the dreamer. You made the dream happen in the first place right that being said you can controll it however you wish
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Re: The astral planes
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Sometimes what wakes me during a lucid dream is the unreal aspects -- such as a short burst of flight. "Wait; i can't do *this!*" *poof* I'm awake. But accepting the situation and applying myself towards the perceived reality of the dream and the body i have in that environment helps.

I have read it is similar with practiced astral projection: some people are jarred back to consciousness their first several times feeling themselves as separate from their physical bodies. But with time and practice, they come to accept it.
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Re: The astral planes
Post # 4
The reason why most people use the term Astral Projection is because they are willingly sending their spirit there, that's why I normally don't wake up from what happens in my dreams but if someone is slamming a door or something. Being abruptly woken up could be dangerous because your spirit may have a harder time finding your body again.

The Astral planes contain old magick that doesn't exist in the physical world any longer making shapeshifting and flying a reality. Some use this plane to practice magick. We are willingly going into the plane with those things in mind
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