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Revenge success stories!

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Revenge success stories!
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Revenge success stories!
Post # 1
I made a post about a revenge spell the other day and I thought that I'd ask others of their stories. Please spare me the talking about three fold and karma and yada yada. Not everything is black and white in this world. I do not believe in it and nobody will convince me otherwise, haha. Besides, I'm only asking for stories here, not advice. Anyway, those of you who have had success with a revenge spell or something similar, tell about it! Thanks to all who decide to contribute! (:

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Re: Revenge success stories!
Post # 2
Last year, when I was still in Alaska, there was this dude my best friend started dating that was pretty emotionally abusive. They broke up after it came out he sexually assaulted a younger girl at a party, and me and my friend decided to bring the fire down. The dude was also a huge addict

We got some hair, made a poppet with it and Ptarmigan feet, as well as some heroin, and at night we went to a church and walked widdershins around it nine times while saying an incantation to the witches devil.

We then walked to the nearby woods and started a ritual to name the poppet after him and punish him.

We asked for our horned lord to wreck his life as severely as possible, and ended it by injecting heroin into the poppet and throwing it into the fire, spitting on it as it burned up.

About three days later the guy overdosed. A job well done in my opinion.

That's my most potent one, but I have quite a few other curse stories.
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Re: Revenge success stories!
Post # 3
In 2007 on Labor day I lost my 17 yr old son to Gang/gun violence. His father and his step mother who spent very little time with him said mean and untrue things about him. Four years later The step mother was still talking trash about how the bible says God kills those he gives up on, and claimed my son was one of those. I was tired of it> I started cursing her and did not stop. a year later. She started harassing and attacking her ex boyfriend. This woman a former legal secretary,posted a blog with pictures of every thing she did to him. She also posted them on facebook. she was warned by police that she would face federal charges. She paid them no attention as she destroyed his his home, car, and called him thousands of times.Thousands of e mails as well. One day they busted down her door and took her away. and the ex husband my sons father, Yes i cursed him too. Finally he went to jail for rape. he got out after spending almost a year in jail. But now lives in the three bed room tent near the Houston area. His family has abandoned him. Would i do it again. heck YEA! Nobody messes with my kids.
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Re: Revenge success stories!
Post # 4
Well done, you two! I'm actually enjoying this thread.
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