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Forums ► Misc Topics ► enteringTheSpiritWorld
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Post # 1
Why I can't enter the spirit world,would I have been third eye blinded or just not tottally concentrated.I want to see auras but I can't,I searched the symptoms of third eye blindness and some symptoms matched but,I'm only 14 years old and become interested when I hearded my classmate's said that I have a 3rd eye but,I always feel,heared something horrible when I meditates and then also finishing it but,I can't see auras and ghosts.Would you help me.I'm only a newbie on this website.My classmate is also have a 3rd eye.
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Re: enteringTheSpiritWorld
Post # 2
Focus on school. Knowledge is the foundation of understanding and wisdom.
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Re: enteringTheSpiritWorld
Post # 3
As previously mentioned, knowledge is power. Research and study.

That said, I practice hedge-crossing, an shamanic approach of soul travel based on indigenous practices in European Cunningfolk and Witches.

I have a few posts on my blog that I'd like to share a bit of here for you.

> How to start hedge-riding?

To pass through the veil, to the worlds of spirits, one must have madness, cunning, imagination, and energy.

Firstly, one should master protection and wardings, for the beings on the other side are far above human morality, thinking with the logic of the mad, capable of inflicting much ruin upon a foolish mortal that offends them or falls for trickery.

Become well versed in the riddles and the rules for interacting with such beings. Research myths, folklore, and fairy tales. All offer advice that is valuable to any witch whom is or will wander the realms beyond our own.

Do not eat what they may offer, especially without trust. Be careful of inviting them home. And don’t forget your own words of power, especially those to invoke memory of returning home. One simple phrase is “Rentum Tormentum, in the Devils Name” to return you instantly to your body. Ingrain this or any other safe phrase into your head.

Come up with a name there. True names are a means of power over something, and your true name may be your nickname, it may be your full name, it may be some hidden name revealed in gnosis, all depending on your paradigm. Become your alias there. Let it resonate with your spirit.

Then it is experimenting with medium, means and conditions to induce trance, a stimulus. This stimulus will be a repetitive action or posture done in a ritualized method. It could be setting, drumming, entheogens, silence, dance, posture, lucid dreaming, mantras, anything to spark your heart into strumming madly or lulling the mind to a simple slowness, in any combination that you find as the correct method for you. Use your senses to your advantage. Use the scent of a candle or incense to bring your mind into the state you want. Use the candle light, sigils, darkness as your allies. Use the solid earth beneath your feet to make you still as a tree. Visualize a fire under your feet to dance with madness. Hear the mp3 of a drum, or the shaking of the rattle in your hand. Taste the mushroom and associate its qualities with where you are going.

That’s the thing about hedge-crossing, is that no two whom do it will have the exact same stimulus or learning. Experiment, learn, and proceed on your terms. It may take a day, it may take a year, but keep at it, and it will come to you. And it will get even easier as you make it more weekly and daily, as you flex the muscles of your mind.

Fly free, and wander your crooked path with curiosity and caution.
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Re: enteringTheSpiritWorld
Post # 4
Thank you all for suggestions it helped me but sometimes I've been can't enter 'cause my fears didn't let me enter this world.How to be conscious?Finally,I know the cause of this,I'm a coward person.Yet,I still interested in this website.Cause I'll searching about that helps me.So,guys can I be your friend.Yet,I'm friendly yet solitary.I've been serious for now.Guys,what is the cause of this tingling sensation on my forehead,I often feel it even when I'm awake,asleep,even my eyes were open just being serious on 3rd eye discussions but it dissapears when I laugh.Again,I close my eyes and I feel tingling sensation in my head,causing me to not sleep or having restlessness and became aware on something specially when the lights are off...Is this normal?
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