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Third eye help

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Third eye help
Post # 1
How can our third eye help us to Astral Projection? I know it does, but I really don't know how. It helps us not to fall asleep while practising, to reach trance, to control the vibrational state better, to separate easily???

Also to the Astral plane, it helps us to see things much more cleary?? If it helpes in another way that has to do with Astral projection/travel I would appreciate it if you answered.

Thank you everyone.
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Re: Third eye help
Post # 2
well its a good question I am searching this for a quite

The Third Eye

Our third eye is one of the seven primary chakras (brow chakra) and is located between your eyebrows, but slightly raised (mid forehead). To develop this region gives you certain attributes such as better visualization, increased psychic perceptions, and better creativity. This is why they associate the sixth chakra with "vision and thought" because this is where we "see" things.
There really is only ONE eye (your third eye) but while we're in the physical, we have our two physical ones, plus our "third" unseen one. The real vision is in your third eye. If you close your eyes and "see" in front of you, you'll notice that you're really seeing everything from the third eye location. If you put your fingers over your closed eyelids, you'll notice that there is NO sight coming from the area of your two eyes. Close your eyes and imagine an object, then put your finger on where you see the object, you will have then located the third eye.

When I'm working on my remote viewing, I work this chakra prior to my session. This can also help in astral projection because third eye stimulation increases lucid dreams (again because this is the "vision" center) and from more clear and lucid dreams, we can program ourselves to turn this into a projection.

I stimulate my third eye by imagining white energy swirling around it. Within seconds, I can feel the pulse and swaying of it actually opening up (chakras are also associated with "wheels" or "petals" which spin and open).
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Re: Third eye help
Post # 3
Beyond association with astral projection,what other specific purpose can one channel third eye to? Is it true it can be applied to control negative vibrations in our energy circle?
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Re: Third eye help
Post # 4

Some would argue that the throat chakra (corresponds to Da'at and the Void) is more relavent to astral projection. Da'at or Daath is referred to by Israel Regardie as "The Link between the Higher Self and the ego, or waking brain." When you exhale out during meditation, you may feel or visualize your own energy flowing out your mouth. Breath and communication associated with the throat chakra. In essense, you are communicating your will to the universe be it to create a thoughtform or sustain your astral body outside your physical one. I still advise working your third eye chakra, as it relates to your psychic awareness which is also important for astral projection and many other works of magic.

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Re: Third eye help
Post # 5
My throat is the most open and balanced chakra in me. Thanks eveyone. I think third eye can help a lot to that.
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