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Newbie here

Forums ► Introduce Yourself ► Newbie here

Newbie here
Post # 1
I am very new in this spell and its practise territory.
I am actually looking for a genuine spell caster.
I have never tried casting spells because i have always regard myself as someone who has no absolute knowledge in this.
However, I am in need for the universe to help me in my life. I would like to learn in depth on this wicca and its practices.
As for now, i am searching someone who can help me cast a spell. I have no intention for black magic. Can i have anyone who can help me with white magic.

Is there anyone with kind heart and sincere to help me.

A soul who is deeply hurt and seeking for the universe care and mercy.
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Re: Newbie here
By: / Novice
Post # 2

There is no black or white magick, magick is magick, it is the casters intent that alters its result.

And spell casters are usually fakes, and cheats only out to take your money, it is best to learn to do it yourself.

Good luck.

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Re: Newbie here
Post # 3
Hello rikki.
Thank you for your prompt reply.
I have always been skeptical on the online spell casters.
But i have always known therebare adult spell caters who have been doing this for generation. And i was thinking if there anyone of them who is willing to help me and also guide me in geeting serious for magic.
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Re: Newbie here
Post # 4
Hi Natasha! Black/white doesn't really say much about what the spell is supposed to do since there is controversy about what these mean. The intent of the spell in a certain context is what base their opinions on, it doesn't work like some kinds of magic are always good or always evil. Also, I agree with what was said above that you really can't trust spell casters online since a lot will take your money and do nothing. Check out the top posts tin the General Info forum section to get a feel for what magic is about.
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Re: Newbie here
Post # 5
Hello i am new and want to learn
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Re: Newbie here
Post # 6
Hello ninurta.
Thank you for recommending on the forum to look for as the beginner.
For the start, any spell that i can try for so that i can determine if my level of energy is sufficient to cast spells?

I am aware and i also acknowledge that practuce and meditaton is the key. But my current state of mind, body and soul is in a mess.
I have been deeply hurt by someone. But i am not here to learn spell to hurt aomeone but instead to transform the mess, hatred to love..

Anyone can recommend me any spell or guide me to cast spell for lost love to be returned to me.
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Re: Newbie here
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Firstly, a "spell" will not just fix something. Improving yourself can be a magical effort, but it is a process. Meditation can be a way to help order the mess (as you put it) that you're currently experiencing mentally. It's just an example.

Your "level of energy" is the same as everyone else's. Practicing magic is learning how to put that energy to use for your own purposes. It's why learning energy manipulation -- raising energy, grounding and centering, sourcing energy from around you (or from the hypothetical universe), releasing energy towards a purpose, etc. -- is necessary.

A lot of personal development is possible through magic. However, it is not necessarily easy. Your desire for love, for example (and this is coming from someone who does not know you, so please don't take this as an evaluation of your current state -- it's just a rhetorical example) could have roots in different areas. You may be seeking external sources for self-value, in stead of internal; a loss of a relationship could send someone crashing at that point. Often the answers lie within, and the true answers can be revealing. And sometimes it's not until someone is at peace with themselves that they can have the right relationship with someone else -- even if the lost love is regained with the same person again.
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Re: Newbie here
Post # 8
Hi prsona
Thank you for the kind words and guidance.
I totally agree, that i have to work fir myself first.
And i believe magic can guide me in my self development.
I would love to work with the universe to find peace for myself first.
Do you suggest that I should work till I get it on meditation? Is there anything else that can ease the difficulty in attaining the right mind before i can learn spell casting?
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Re: Newbie here
Post # 9
Greetings Everyone in this forum,

I would to learn how to use magick and spells from this site. I also want to learn more about spells that were use in this site.

I need guidiance to teach me for using those spells and magick in this site.

Can somebody help me?
Can somebody teach me how to be wizard because in my wholelife I just want be like one?
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Re: Newbie here
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
Natasha, unfortunately I have no real answers since I do not know you personally; you'll have to find them within yourself.

Cedric: in stead of trying to hijack threads, try doing a bit of reading. Thrre are more answers on SoM than you might think.
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