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Voodoo Experience?

Forums ► Vodou ► Voodoo Experience?
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Voodoo Experience?
Post # 1
So, I've looked into Voodoo/Voudou more because it interested me, scared me a little bit, and I wanted to understand it. What I found was very powerful and relatable, and I thought it to be a beautiful religion.
A few nights later, I had this dream about it where I was meeting with a group of Voodoo people, and since I labeled myself as Wiccan before that, some of that got mixed into the dream. It was like this coven I met with only they practiced Voodoo in secret, and you could get to them by knocking on a certain door of this store and asking to buy a certain product, sort of like a code. Anyways, in the dream, I was dancing and I was wearing this necklace that had a black animal skull on it of some kind, and it was very important. I woke up the next morning feeling very inspired.
Several nights later, I may have contacted a Voodoo spirit, but I'm not sure. I wanted to talk to a more experienced practitioner about it. The spirit's name kept popping into my head and playing over and over, just like whenever I'm about to meet another deity. So I finally thought, 'What the heck? Might as well talk.' We had a conversation of a sort, only I don't remember much about it because it was in the middle of the night. I think the spirit told me I needed to let go and stop having such a tight grip of control of my life. After that, I felt a warmth and the sensation of being lifted up for a little while and put back down. After that, I felt more relaxed than I had in years and fell into a deep sleep. It was by far one of the most powerful experiences I've had with a deity. The spirit was so strong I felt like it could have knocked me out.
Anyways, I'm stilled kind of scared to get involved with Voodoo. I feel like it would be a cultural appropriation and that they wouldn't take kindly to white people. Nevertheless, I still can't deny the experience I had. So my question is, do any of you think I should still pursue it?
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Re: Voodoo Experience?
Post # 2
Educating yourself on something you do not know much about and aren't very experienced in is not considered cultural appropriation. In the south there are multiple white voodoo practitioners. Also, what you experienced seems to be an amazing thing and I think you should look in to it more.
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Re: Voodoo Experience?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
If you feel called to Vodou go to a Mambo or Houngan and get a reading to determine which spirits walk with youand which spirit called you
To Vodou and ask about your dream Vodou is for everyone the spirits dont see color but that doesnt mean you can do Vodou anyway you want like I see so mant people I once had a person whom is no longer in my life try serving a spirit like Legba with skulls and black and red im talking attibon Legba which is completely wrong and disrespectful to the Lwa but you want to research if you see any Legba elekes run if you see any Legba Ebbos run if you see any Eshu paquets with a Legba veve run because these people cannot provide correct information look for a Mambo or Houngan who has a good reputation and does traditional Haitian Vodou and not some mish mash if you want books on Vodou read books like Mama Lola:A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn or Maya Darrens Divine Horsemen these are the best books I often see people go to Denise Alvarados books but these books are full of apropriation and misinformation which is completely disrespecrfull to the tradition I suggest putting up a Ancestor altar since the ancestors comes after God and dont work with any Lwa that is not Legba
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Re: Voodoo Experience?
Post # 4
Do you know of any practioners that will have clients? I really need to find one and am having a hard time finding a legit one
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Re: Voodoo Experience?
Post # 5

The necklace you wore, in your dream, is telling.

A "black skull", is used in hexing and similar rituals. Your experiences after your dream, such as not remembering much and warm sensations, are if you were possessed during a ritual dance.

"Li Grande Zombi ! Li Grande Zombi !"
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